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October 28, 2009

Joe Girardi


Philadelphia Phillies 6
New York Yankees 1

Q. When you have a game like this, is it just too much Cliff Lee? Is he the story of this game?
JOE GIRARDI: Yeah, he was great tonight. He kept us off balance. He got us to chase some pitches when we were down in the count, up in the zone. He used his cutter very well, he used his curveball really well. He was real he good.
I thought CC grinded it out very well tonight, and he made the two mistakes to Utley, but that was it. But Cliff Lee was really good.

Q. Just following that up, the Phillies were 2 for 23 aside from Utley against CC, which kind of punctuates what you were saying. What was he doing against the rest of the lineup that he couldn't do against Utley?
JOE GIRARDI: Well, he got some balls in the middle of the plate to Utley, and Utley made him pay. We all know Utley is a great player. He's got power, he's got a short stroke, and CC missed some spots, and he didn't miss them.

Q. I think he followed them both up with a strikeout?
JOE GIRARDI: He made his pitch after that. Sometimes when you make mistakes, you get away with them, and sometimes you don't.

Q. Obviously in a game like this, the bullpen needed to be a little stronger than it was. I guess how frustrating was that collapse for you? And where are you with them right now?
JOE GIRARDI: I have a lot of confidence in our bullpen. The walks hurt us. The first two walks hurt us. Marte came in and did a good job, Robertson did okay. We gave them some extra runs that they were able to tack on, and it looked like we might get out of that inning. Marte did a very good job against Utley and Howard, and Robby just almost got out of it, and they hit a ground ball in the hole.

Q. As good as Lee was tonight, could you sense your offense getting frustrated at all? And could you sense them taking a different approach as that game went on?
JOE GIRARDI: No, I don't think so. It's baseball. Guy makes his pitches sometimes, you're going to have a hard time scoring runs, and sometimes you're able to scratch a few across.
As far as being frustrated, our guys will grind it out. I'm not concerned about that.

Q. Do you think the series takes on any different tenor with the way Lee is pitching now this whole post-season, with a dominant No. 1 going against you?
JOE GIRARDI: We know he's very good, and we like the way our guy is throwing the ball, too, CC. Cliff Lee has been tough on us this year, we know that. I mean, he's pitching extremely well. But one thing is he can't pitch every day.

Q. Tomorrow how much consideration will you give to playing Jorge?
JOE GIRARDI: Well, I'll have a lineup when I get here tomorrow. We'll talk about it, I'll sleep on it, and we'll have a lineup when I get here tomorrow.

Q. How did CC look tonight as far as -- you said before the game that you will see how whether or not you use him on three days' rest or four days' rest. How did he look tonight and what would you say about that right now?
JOE GIRARDI: Physically he's fine, and as I said, we'll make that decision when the time comes. We're not going to rush to any decisions after one game, that's for sure. But physically I think he's good.

Q. Especially the first two at-bats where Utley worked the pitch count, that's kind of what you guys preach. Is it kind of different to see it on the other end?
JOE GIRARDI: Well, I mean, we see it a lot in our league, and we know the Phillies do it, as well. Charlie Manuel was a great hitting coach over in Cleveland, and I caught against those teams, and those guys worked the count, and I know he preaches that over there. It's not something we're not used to seeing. They did a good job at it tonight.

Q. What were some of your hitters saying about Lee when they were coming back to the dugout? It didn't look like there was a lot of solid contact made.
JOE GIRARDI: Not necessarily. They talked about how he approaches them and how he tries to get them out, and guys that are similar, they talk about what he's doing to them. Cliff Lee hit his spots tonight and was very tough.

Q. What are you seeing from Hughes? He looked very frustrated when he got into the dugout.
JOE GIRARDI: Well, he doesn't want to walk two guys. He missed with his fastball a little bit tonight. We'll continue to talk to him. I mean, he's been great for us all year. He walked two guys and ended up hurting us tonight, but we still believe in him.

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