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October 22, 2009

Joe Girardi



THE MODERATOR: Questions for Joe Girardi.

Q. Did you consider replacing Burnett there?
JOE GIRARDI: Yeah, we talked about it, but he was throwing the ball so well. He put up five shutout innings. He had only thrown 80 pitches. And we with just liked what we saw from him, and we stuck with him.

Q. What kind of emotions of that particular game, how do you describe that?
JOE GIRARDI: There's a lot of them, I can tell you that. Even up until the last out. I like the fight in our guys. Come back and get six in the 7th and go down and have a chance to win it in the 9th. A lot of emotions.
Well, we've got another game on Saturday.

Q. Just to revisit what Tyler said. Did the long half inning that Burnett is on the bench there weigh into your decision at all?
JOE GIRARDI: Yeah, it does, it does.

Q. And off days on both sides of this situation?
JOE GIRARDI: Yeah, it does, but A.J. was throwing great. You know, if he's around 105 pitches, it's probably a different story. But because his pitch count was low, he felt great, we stuck with him.

Q. You guys had talked about coming into this game and the opportunity to close it out. Does it feel like a missed opportunity to you guys right now?
JOE GIRARDI: Yeah, any time you have a chance to close out a series and you don't win, no matter what the score is, it's a missed opportunity. But we get a chance to go to our ballpark where we've played extremely well.
You know, we've had a lot of come-from-behind wins there, so. Yeah, it's a missed opportunity, but we still have a another game on Saturday.

Q. How concerned are you with Hughes now?
JOE GIRARDI: You know, he's still making pitches. He got to the counts that he wanted to, and wasn't able to put Vlad Guerrero away. He missed his spot. He's been doing it for us all year. You know, we believe that he's going to get it done.
This is the time of year that everything gets a little bit tougher, but we like his stuff and we believe he'll get it done.

Q. What will be your message to your team going into Game 6?
JOE GIRARDI: Just continue to play hard. Continue to play the way you've been playing all year. We've bounced back from tough losses all year long, and just continue to do it.

Q. You just talked about how good you guys are at coming back, but when it happens to you, is it even more stunning in a sense?
JOE GIRARDI: We've had it happen to us before. We've been able to get back off the carpet or the mat or whatever you want to say and come back and win a game.
We had a tough loss on Monday. Came out played a great game on Tuesday. Tough loss today, and we'll see what happens on Saturday.
THE MODERATOR: Safe trip. Thank you, Joe.
JOE GIRARDI: Thank you.

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