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October 22, 2009

Fred Couples


Q. How does it feel to be back in the arena as a player now?
FRED COUPLES: Well, I'm an absolutely thrilled with my round today. I haven't played a lot. Haven't played any since the President's Cup. Came here to Arizona and had a good round. 3-under is pretty good on this course.

Q. You know, 50 years old and you've15 events this year and made more than $1 million. That's really good playing on a limited schedule.
FRED COUPLES: Honestly, I have played pretty well. I had two really good chances of winning, which is the only reason I keep doing this. And whether I play like that next year is yet to be seen.
If I don't come out and play, I'll head on over to the Champions Tour. But I'm gonna give this tour one more ride and see how I play next year.

Q. And you're referring to Riviera where you had a shot at winning and Houston where you didn't wuite close it out on a really windy day.
FRED COUPLES: Right. Well, Riviera I played very, very well. I halfway shanked the second shot on 18, but I went 72 holes with having a shot of winning.
In Houston, it was a tough day. I actually felt pretty good about the way I played. I bogeyed the last three lose to lose by a couple. If I can do that, I'm happy with that.
And getting here to today's round, I played a pretty good round of golf. I had a couple drives that I got lucky on. On 18 it rolled down there where I had a shorter club than if I'd hit the fairway.
But, you know, you're gonna do things like that. I'm pretty pleased with 3-under, especially from not playing.

Q. How are you able to take the experience of the President's Cup not outside the ropes, but not a player in it and apply it to inside the ropes this week.
FRED COUPLES: Well, I think especially in the practice rounds when I was on a lot of the tees standing not even with the guys but behind them, I took away a lot of how good they hit the ball. I know how pure they hit it, but just the sound of it.
From then, we got into the matches I saw how clutch both teams were. Actually, all pretty good matches. We won more 5 and 4s and 4 and 3s than they did. It was some great golf. I just looked at our team like, you know, for me to play well I have to putt. And not just Steve Stricker or Phil Mickelson, but Anthony Kim made a lot of clutch putts. The list goes on and on. If you don't make putts you're not gonna win matches, nor compete on the PGA Tour.

Q. 29 putts for you today. Obviously feeling some confidence. Have a good week out here.
FRED COUPLES: Okay. Thank you.

Q. From captain to player yourself here in Scottsdale.
FRED COUPLES: I feel great. You know, to come out and shoot 3-under, to be honest, I don't even know what par is. I don't know what I shot. I played this course a lot of times in another event, and I know they changed two of the holes to par-4s.
I thought it was a pretty good test. I've seen the tournament on TV before, and I know you don't have to shoot crazy rounds here. But today was a beautiful day, and took advantage of a morning tee time to shoot 3-under.

Q. What's your mindset this time of the year jsut turning 50? What are you trying to accomplish?
FRED COUPLES: Well, my girlfriend, Julie, lives here and I've spent sometime here. So to be quite honest, I just wanted to play. She's walking around with a lot of her friends.
I have a shot at playing better than I thought going into Friday, so my whole thought process was just I live four hours from here in Palm Springs. I might as well drive over here and play.

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