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October 20, 2009

Alex Rodriguez



THE MODERATOR: Questions for Alex Rodriguez.

Q. Everybody uses the term locked in. What does it feel like?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, it feels good to swing the bat well. You know, had some good pitches today. Being patient, and when you get your pitch, and not missing it.

Q. Do you have any reservations that pitchers would stop challenging you?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: That they will stop?

Q. Yeah?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: No. I mean, one thing coming into this postseason I have to trust my teammates and pass the baton. That is something that Kevin Long preaches all the time. Swing at strikes and take your base on balls and hopefully score runs.

Q. Jorge and Derek were just saying that they've noticed you more comfortable this postseason. What comes first? Being more comfortable or getting comfortable after you start to have some production like you've had?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I think for me starting spring training. Going all the way back to all the stuff I went through, the press conference and all that kind of stuff. Just, you know, not having any expectations and being in a good place all year. So I felt comfortable.
I think the last game, too, 162 was a nice momentum when I had that good game.

Q. Can you describe when you're in a groove like this, what does it feel like coming to bat? Can you talk about the confidence? Not that you're not confident when you aren't in this type of groove, but just your mindset when you come to the plate, the confidence and what it feels like?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, the game slows down for you, no doubt about it. You feel like you want to see the ball and hit it hard and not try to do too much.
But the best way I can describe it is you feel like the game is slowing down for you a little bit.

Q. From your perspective, what was the most impressive thing about what CC did tonight?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, everyone's been talking about the three-day rest. But the one thing about our three guys, Pettitte, A.J. and CC, all of them are very well rested. I thought Joe did a great job in the month of September of watching their pitch count.
You know, CC gets loose after 90 pitches. He's a horse. He's a monster. We're so glad to have him on our team. But all three guys are very well rested. At this time of the year those guys can pitch every three days anyways.

Q. You have remarkable numbers in this ballpark, and I realize, you know, you're locked in now and you're feeling good. But obviously that can't always have been the case. Why do you think you hit so much better here?

Q. Yeah?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I think I started my career in Seattle, Seattle and Texas. So I obviously have a lot of experience playing against the Angels. I have a lot of at-bats and played a lot of games.
I'm from Miami. The weather's always good here. Certainly feels good. It's a great ballpark. Great atmosphere. And for me, I just see the ball really well.

Q. There are so many theories why you're playing so well this month. Has the hardest part of your day almost become trying to explain it yourself?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: No, I mean, I don't talk much anymore, I don't ever have to explain myself, that's a good thing (laughing). But, yeah.

Q. So you're not going to want to answer this one. With these seven games you've forever vanquished questions about where does Alex Rodriguez go in October?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, I'm not sure about that. I will say that in other postseasons I failed, and sometimes failed miserably. It certainly feels good to come through for my team and help the team win.

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