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October 20, 2009

C.C. Sabathia



THE MODERATOR: Questions for CC Sabathia.

Q. With the three days rest, it looked like it didn't affect you at all. Did you feel any different than you usually do?
CC SABATHIA: No, I didn't feel any different at all. I felt really good. You know, this late in the season, you know, you're feeling healthy. Like I said, plenty of time. You're feeling healthy this late in the season. It's pretty much all the same.

Q. What does it mean for you personally to dispel any thoughts about if you could pitch at this time of the year with the way you've thrown these three starts and now on three day's rest on the third start in the postseason?
CC SABATHIA: You know, we've still got a little ways to go, but I've been feeling good. I never had any doubt about me being able to perform on this stage and to pitch well late in October. But it seems like people did.
But I feel great. You know, hopefully I can keep it going.

Q. Can you talk about what this ride has been like so far for you? How you good do you feel? Are you in that proverbial zone right now? Do you think that you're pitching the best you have this season right now?
CC SABATHIA: Yeah, I mean, and this is the time to do it. I've been feeling well. You know, pretty much the whole second half. You know, throwing strikes and getting ahead. Just doing these type of things. So I feel good. Like I said, hopefully I'll just keep it going, keep it rolling, and we win the whole thing.

Q. We've asked you so many times like when you went on that roll in the second half compared to what you did at the end of last season. And you always said that last season was sort of above that. But is this postseason sort of rank with what you did last season?
CC SABATHIA: Yeah, I guess. Every year's different as I said. But I felt like I was pretty locked in last year. I feel pretty good right now. I don't want to jinx anything or say anything I shouldn't. But I've been feeling pretty good.
Like I said, I just want to keep it up, keep it going. Looking forward to the next start.

Q. It was with a different team, but you've been in this position before up 3-1 in the LCS. As you said you haven't won yet. What do you need to do this year to close this thing out and what do you take from that experience two years ago when you couldn't do it?
CC SABATHIA: That experience two years ago was tough to swallow. Being up 3-1, and, you know, not being able to close it out. You just want to keep going and keep playing well. We've been playing good all playoffs. We've been having good pitching, playing good defense. You know, we just need to close it out, you know. It's that time.
Couple years ago we had that opportunity and couldn't get it done. But hopefully we can get it done this time.

Q. When you were watching that game last night you were either going to go up 3-0 or be up 2-1. Is there a different feeling coming in today that they could even this series up and you know what the momentum swing can be like in these series. A 2-2 or a 3-1 is a much different scenario for you guys?
CC SABATHIA: It is. But for me every game is the same. You know, every game is big at this point. No matter whether we were up 3-0 or up 2-1. It was going to be a big game. So I approach every game the same. Just want to go out and give the team a chance to win. You know, I was able to do that tonight.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, CC, very much.

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