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October 19, 2009

C.C. Sabathia


THE MODERATOR: Questions for CC Sabathia.

Q. You had considerable experience last year pitching with three days' rest. What has changed in your approach physically and mentally?
CC SABATHIA: Not too much. I mean, you know that going on certain rest that you're not going to have like your best fastball. So you've just got to stay under control and make sure your -- my delivery is good, and make sure I go out there and throw strikes.

Q. What do you sacrifice out of your routine when you go on short rest? What do you lose going on three instead of four?
CC SABATHIA: I just don't throw a bullpen. That's the only thing. I didn't throw a bullpen yesterday, you I just came in and played catch. But I felt fine. Arm feels good.
This late in the season, you know, you tend to cut down on bullpens anyways. So, anyway, it doesn't really make a difference.

Q. If shadows across the field are a thing tomorrow, is there a way that you can take advantage of it, and how can you do it?
CC SABATHIA: I don't know (smiling). You know, shadows is a tough thing. I'll just go out. I won't change anything. I'll go out and pitch the game that we put together, the game before the game, and I'll go out and try to execute that.

Q. Are you as loose taking the mound up 3-0 as opposed to up two games to one?
CC SABATHIA: Yeah, I mean, you know, you just try to go out and win every game, you know. No matter what the situation is, no matter what, you know, if it's 2-1, 1-1, 2-2, whatever. You go out and try to put your best foot forward and try to get us a win that day.

Q. Wasn't that long ago that the ace would go on three days' rest in the postseason fairly regularly. What do you think has changed in that time span since Jack Morris?
CC SABATHIA: You know, you've got deeper pitches there. You've got guys that can go out there and help their team. So it's kind of tough to bring guys back on three days' rest. But the guys in -- regardless of the league, I don't think it's that big of a deal going three days' rest. Everybody made such a big deal of it last year.
But I think it's healthy enough during the year, I think anybody is able to do it.

Q. When you pitched in weather conditions like Friday night, do you feel any different the next morning? Does your body feel any wear and tear?
CC SABATHIA: No. I mean, you know, you kind of get used to pitching in the cold weather. I pitched on the East Coast pretty much all my career. So, you know, it's just tough to get a sweat and keep it going. You have to try to stay loose in between innings, but you don't feel any different after the game.

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