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October 18, 2009

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM: It was great. It was great fun to be in contention again. I see I'm still able to do it, and hit the ball great today, and the putter was a bit hotter than the other days, as well. I had two 3-putts today and was the only two bogeys I had, and on 17, I said to myself, I'm going to go for every pin, and on 17 all of a sudden, I went for the middle of the green and didn't commit to the shot and duffed it. If you make birdie or eagle, still have the chance to win. I don't know what's leading now, but went back of my game plan. Played very aggressive all day long and all of a sudden I played a bit defensive and hit in the water, it's just stupid, I don't know.
But 18, made two great shots again. I hit a good putt, just over-read, it thought it was going to turn a lot, but didn't.

Q. Essentially it is a good sign that you're disappointed that you're not just satisfied with fourth position or where it might end up?
MARCEL SIEM: I was playing well the last couple of weeks and I couldn't get the ball in the hole on the green, so I saw sooner or later I'm going to win again, I'm 100 percent sure about that because I love the game too much not to win. I think you need a lot of spirit to be a winner on the Tour, and I think that I have that. Skill is coming back now, step-by-step, so maybe it was just too early. Maybe the Lord says you don't deserve to get it too quick, I don't know. I made a few mistakes the last couple of years, like with my behavior, with my type of practise I did, and technique changes.
So maybe I got my bill today, and I have to focus and concentrate more and more and more, and then the wins are going to be under my belt again.

Q. You're looking upwards, anyway, but it does tidy up card for next year.
MARCEL SIEM: I was 109, so I think there will be a couple of more guys going to be cut off the rankings. So got my card after last week, actually, and yeah, my goal, like I said before the tournament, was to get in The Race to Dubai. Tied second or whatever would have been maybe straight in or just close, so that's why I'm really disappointed at the moment.
So now I have pressure to make Top-10 next week to get into Singapore; because category-wise, I'm not in there. My goal is to win next week. If the putter gets a bit hotter, my drives are great, my iron shots are very good, and the field is going to be a little bit worse than this week. The big boys are going to take next week off because they have five weeks in a row, and it might be a little bit easier, not easy but easier to win than this week with the big guns this week here.
Yeah, step-by-step, top three next week, Singapore, Hong Kong and hopefully I'm going to be in Dubai then.

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