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October 18, 2009

Jered Weaver


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jered Weaver.

Q. Mike just said that he slotted you in for Game 3. He specifically wanted you to pitch at home. What is it about you being here pitching in this stadium?
JERED WEAVER: You know, I think any pitcher can say that they like pitching in front of their home crowd, you know. It's obviously with the situation that there is now with, obviously, us down 2 and, you know, getting a chance to come back at home for 3, I think is big.
And for me, I just like the atmosphere, obviously, of your home crowd. Not that I wouldn't have wanted to pitch in New York Stadium. I mean, obviously, that would have been just as nice. But that's just the way that Scioscia wanted to set up the rotation. You know, I'm going to take advantage of it. Hopefully, and see if we can come out on top.

Q. You had such a good performance against Boston, and then you get this extended rest, how does that work?
JERED WEAVER: I think -- I think extended rest is always good. You know, it's especially this long into the season. Any time you can get an extra day of rest is big.
But at the same time I'm wanting to take the ball whenever he tells me to. So, it's, like I said, it's up to Scioscia, and, you know, he slotted me in this Game 3 for a reason. Like I said, hopefully we can take advantage of this one and get some momentum going into Game 4.

Q. Obviously, history doesn't favor teams down 0-2, especially doesn't favor teams down 0-3. What kind of pressure are you feeling given the situation here?
JERED WEAVER: Not really too much pressure, you know. You try to treat the game just like any other game. Obviously, it's easier said than done. But it obviously would have been nice to get one of the two in New York. But, you know, we are where we are. You know, we're not going to quit. We're never a team that's going to give up despite the numbers or what anybody else says. We're going to go out there and battle.
You know, like I said, it's nice that we get out of that cold weather and come into a little warmer climate. No excuses, but, it's always nicer to play in a little warmer weather (smiling).
You know, it's not any added pressure to me. I'm going to treat it just like we were up 2-0, or tied 1-1. So anyway you look at it, I'm going to treat the game the same way. I'm going to go out there and have fun, and try to locate. Just, like I said, have fun with it.

Q. Is that really a lineup that as a pitcher you can have fun with.
JERED WEAVER: Absolutely. I like challenges. This is, obviously, the lineup is what it is. You know, they've got guys 1 through 9 that can hurt you. But so did Boston. So any team you face going this deep into the season, and this deep into the playoffs is obviously going to be a good one.
Like I said, those guys can hurt you 1 through 9, but just got to try to stay focused and try to, you know, get ahead with strike one and work from there. So I'm not going to back down at all. I'm going to try to treat it just like the Boston series and go out there and focus and try to get some early outs.

Q. The kind of cool calmness that you've always displayed, is that something you grew into or you've always had?
JERED WEAVER: I don't know (laughing). I've just always been kind of low key and just trying to, you know, keep to myself. At the same, I'm time mellow off the field, but once you step between the lines, I'm sure a lot of people will say you turn into a different person.
So I'm very competitive. I like being -- I like pitching in big games. You know, I wouldn't say that I'm mellow (smiling). But I think that I've matured a little bit and, you know, when I first came into the league I kind of showed some emotions. You know, the coaches told me about that, and told me to try to clean it up. So I feel like I have.
Every year I'm learning as far as that goes. So, I'm mellow off the field; but once I get on the field I'm very competitive.

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