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October 17, 2009

Alex Rodriguez



THE MODERATOR: First question?

Q. Alex, obviously this postseason has gone great so far. What are you doing differently other than what you were doing in the regular season to get through the postseason?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I'm doing exactly what I did all year. Trying to simplify things and not do too much.

Q. Alex, do you think you finally laid to rest the perception that you can't play well in the postseason or do you fear that you're always one game away from going back to that?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I mean, again I'm going to do what I've done all year. Try to stay in the moment and really enjoy the moment.
I know I had a blast out there today. That was a great game. That's what I've been doing all year. Trying to keep things simple and not trying to think too much.

Q. Alex, in that at-bat where you tied the game, how much are you thinking home run at that point and what's your approach there?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You're definitely not thinking home run. And you are certainly not thinking home run after you're down 0-2. You are just trying to get on base. You definitely don't want to make the first out in that inning. And he made two tough pitches on me. Got me in the hole 0-2. I finally got a pitch I could handle and hit it well.

Q. We heard you say a lot try not to do too much. Try to simplify. Can you explain what goes into that and what you mean?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, I know you guys are probably looking for something profound. I mean, I'm just in a good place. I'm seeing the ball and I'm hitting it. I mean, that's about it.

Q. Alex, two things: At 0-2, were you surprised at all that you even got a pitch to hit considering who is hitting behind you that inning in lefty-lefty. When you're hitting the ball, hitting to power that way, to right center, what does that mean about where you are as a hitter right now?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I thought both pitches were tough. I could have easily been 2-0, and I was in an 0-2 hole. I felt once he got me in the hole he probably felt more confident that he could put me away. And hitting the ball to right field, throughout my whole career, has been a big key for my success.

Q. What was your feeling going around the bases? Is this hard to believe, the constant drama that you're going through here now?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I mean, the first thing I was thinking double or home run. I wasn't sure. I saw Jerry Layne put up his hand and wave something but then he hesitated. Once I got the home run call I was very happy.

Q. Jeter passed Reggie and Mantle on the postseason home run list. He didn't seem too impressed by it. What do you think of it?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Jeter is incredible. He played at such a high level this year and he's going to be right there in the running for the MVP. And he's even elevating his game to a higher level. Jeter never seems to disappoint.

Q. Alex, you talked about nothing really profound to what you're doing. Fun and you isn't something that's gone together while you've been in New York necessarily. Is it that simple? Are you having the most fun that you've had playing baseball in a long time?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I think going back to me in Spring Training. It was a rough one in spring. You know, I -- without -- I thought making things simple was the best thing for me. Again coming in with no expectations to the season and to the postseason, the fact that I'm out there playing baseball is a miracle. I'm very thankful for that.

Q. Is it possible to enjoy this game beyond the result just wait the two teams went at it?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: There's no question that was a fun game. I didn't do much the rest of the night. But I enjoyed every minute of it. We have some relievers with some serious guts. A.J. threw the ball extremely well. But you can't say enough about our bullpen; they did a phenomenal job.

Q. You talked about Derek raising the level of his game in October; do you feel like you're finally doing that as well?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: So far so good. I've been feeling comfortable. But I felt good all year. I just feel like it's just a continuation of the season.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Alex.

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