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October 17, 2009

Joe Girardi



THE MODERATOR: We'll take three or four questions before we get the next guest in here. Who has a question for Joe?

Q. I know this is kind of a familiar question for you this off season, but again with what Alex has done for you guys especially in the biggest of spots, can you kind of explain what he's going through right now?
JOE GIRARDI: Well, he's swinging the bat great. Five games he's hit two game-tieing homers in the ninth inning. It's pretty unbelievable what he's done for us so far. I talked about it before the playoffs started that I thought he was in a great place. He's been huge for us.

Q. Joe, how do you put this game in perspective? What do you think about all the miscues and everybody coming back, both teams; how do you put this in perspective?
JOE GIRARDI: Great performance by A.J.
Bullpen stepping up and doing its job. You know in a night when we went to bed last night we didn't think we would play today. We're fortunate to come out on top in this game because it was a great game. And there were some miscues. Fortunately we were on the right side of it.

Q. Joe, with the weather starting to rain at about midnight, how close was the game coming to being suspended?
JOE GIRARDI: I have no idea because I really wasn't worried about the radar. I was worrying about how we got three outs and how we could score a run after we got three outs. We were told that it might come at 10:00, at midnight, and it seemed to come like at 3 till midnight. But it never rained that hard. So really fortunate to get this game in tonight.

Q. Joe, what was it like for you to go through this game managing as you did? You had to use everybody. There was only four people left. Three of them were starting pitchers. What kind of challenge was that as a manager?
JOE GIRARDI: I think I told Derek I was starting to run out of bullets. In the 12th inning we needed to get some runs. It was great. It was a great game to manage. I have a great coaching staff that walks right through it with me and we talk about everything. They're very insightful and helpful. And I'm wiped out right now.
I'm sure I'll sleep good on that plane.

Q. Are you worried going through the pitchers as did you later in that game between Joba and Phil Hughes?
JOE GIRARDI: I knew I had Gaudin for 75 pitches. You're thinking that's four or five innings. In your mind you can't necessarily say I think this game is going to go 19 innings. I'm going to worry about it. I wasn't -- I tried -- we tried to win in nine innings and then the tenth and then the 11th. So I wasn't worried about our pitching because I knew we had Gaudin.

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