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October 17, 2009

Oliver Wilson


OLIVER WILSON: Got off to a good start and then pitched in for eagle on 5, so that was really nice.

Q. How far from?
OLIVER WILSON: About 40 yards. So it was dead weight, just pitched it, really nice shot and it just trickled in so that was nice. Turns a good start into a great start.
Then especially just coming up with those next few holes there, pretty tricky holes. I hit it in the water on 7, so that was a bit unlucky but a good five in the end,/ made about a 10-footer for bogey so that was good. I had a decent shot. It wasn't a bad shot. It pitched over the water and rolled back in. Just got the wind slightly wrong. Thought it was in off the left. Bad lie from the caddie to tell you the truth; I don't want to drop him but it was a bad lie. (Laughter).
17 was nice. I find it very hard to stay patient out here. You just feel like you should make a lot of birdies, and the greens, they are not running brilliant so you have a lot of chances. Missed a short one on 14, but I made about a 5-footer on 15, so that was nice. And then made a good save on 16, hit a bad shot in there and made a good save there, and then 17 sort of really turned into a little bit better than an average day really.

Q. What were the details of 17?
OLIVER WILSON: Hit good drives down the middle and then hit my Heavenwood to about eight feet from a long way. I had 234 front, so it must have been about 245.

Q. Comfortable with that club?
OLIVER WILSON: It pitched about a yard into the green -- well, it pitched on the fringe actually, which is four or five yards over the water. I was a bit nervous in the air. It was straight at it, but I was nervous in the air. Didn't get all of it, so I was very happy when I saw it bounce.

Q. Where do you expect to be behind at the end of the day?
OLIVER WILSON: 8-under would have gained ground I would have thought but 5-under I think is average for the guys at the top of the leaderboard. I think somebody will be about 20 probably, maybe more.

Q. So you have to go shoot the same tomorrow?
OLIVER WILSON: Again, I just left myself a little too much the first two days. So it's nice to get back on the leaderboard. I doubt I'll be on there at the end of the day, but couldn't do a lot more.

Q. Does that change your mind-set for tomorrow; do you sort of go out playing aggressively?
OLIVER WILSON: No, I just try to do the same things, get it around and give myself chances. If the putter gets hot, you shoot a low score. I don't know what it's going to be like. Depends on everyone but no matter what position I'm in really, that's not going to affect my mind-set too much. I'm going to go out and try and shoot a decent score and see what happens, grind it out.

Q. Second place?
OLIVER WILSON: I'll take another one.

Q. From the position you're in.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, definitely, nothing wrong with them. Not when you come-from-behind like that. Not too happy when I'm in a playoff but from those positions, that's all right.

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