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November 20, 2001

David Duval

Retief Goosen

David Toms

Tiger Woods


JULIUS MASON: Retief, at 6-under for the event, if you would not mind giving us some thoughts on your round and maybe going through your card to begin with?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yes, I started off very nicely. The first seven holes I played very well in and the middle of the round I was scrambling around and didn't really do much. But, overall, I'm very happy with the round. Obviously, it's a nice opening round. You know, I've got a pretty good chance tomorrow.

JULIUS MASON: Can you talk about your birdies today, please?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Second hole, I drove in the rough. Laid up. I hit a 3-iron out of the rough chipped out to four feet. Third hole, I hit a 3-iron so six feet. Hit a good lob-wedge on the fifth to about the same, six feet. The par 5, I drove it in the rough. Took a chance with a 3-wood that just went over the back of the green. Had a pretty good lie down in the rough, good chip shot with a lob-wedge, just ran it perfect and it landed and went in the hole. That was nice. From there I played pretty -- just tried to hang in there and made one birdie on 13, the par 5. So from there on, it was disappointing finish on the last, but overall, I'm very happy with the round.

DAVID TOMS: Happy with the way I played today, other than a couple holes there on the back nine; obviously, I doubled 11. Didn't think I hit that bad of a shot off the tee, and had too good of a lie over there right on the green and went right over it, 3-putted from the fringe and nice double there. At the time I was 5-under par for the day and going pretty good, and to have that happen just kind of slows you down. I was able to recover and unfortunately made a bad swing on 17 and made bogey there. But very happy with it. It was my first competitive round on the golf course. Felt like I played it pretty well, and to have a chance going into tomorrow, I guess that's really all I could ask for. I'm happy with it.


DAVID DUVAL: Played poorly. Glad the day is over with and looking forward to a nice workout this afternoon. Really don't know what else to tell you.

JULIUS MASON: And Mr. Woods? Recap of the day, which was a beautiful 81 degrees, it looked like, out there.

TIGER WOODS: I didn't really -- I didn't drive the ball very well today. I hit, I think one fairway through 13 holes today and was somehow under par. So I'm just kind of hanging in there scrapping it around and didn't really do anything off the tee to give myself legitimate chances on each and every hole. But toward the end, I started to hit the ball a little bit better and very happy to shoot what I shot today because I was not driving the golf ball the way I needed to drive it. And to end up at 5-under par was pretty happy with that.

JULIUS MASON: Thank you. Questions, folks.

Q. I was wondering, coming from altitude and very cold weather in Japan, three of you just got back. How was the transition was getting over here in this balmy, humid hot weather, any difficulties making the transition?

TIGER WOODS: I'll make this change any time. It was cold over there. (Laughs). I live in Florida, so this is nothing unusual. But since I've been back, I've had a little bit more of a difficult time adjusting this time than I did when I went over to China and Japan.

Q. Do you have a five-year goal or vision as to what you want to accomplish in golf and do you have any plans to retire?

TIGER WOODS: Not yet. (Laughter.) I'm going to play for a while. You know, my desire is there. I think my desire always will be there. It's just that you never know what bad luck can happen. If I can get lucky and have good health for a long period of time, that's how long I'll compete.

Q. We hope you do that.

TIGER WOODS: Thank you very much.

Q. How long was that eagle try at 18?

TIGER WOODS: It was about 50 feet.

Q. Last three times you played that hole it was eagle, eagle, eagle; was it in your thinking again?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, actually I was. It would have been nice to end it with a 3 there, but I was really concentrating on getting my speed right and making sure that that ball was close to the hole if I did miss.

Q. Retief, how are you feeling about your golf game right now? You look pretty good out there and you came off a successful run over in Japan; are you confident?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I'm pretty confident and happy with the year, the way it's going. I was not hitting the ball all that well myself off the tee; missed quite a lot of fairways. But I think tomorrow, I might feel a little bit better on the golf course than I did today. I was just trying to get a little bit comfortable on the tee, but I kept it in play today, so that was the main thing. Trying to keep it in play and golf myself chances.

Q. You've made some great shots here, but the second shot at No. 6 under the tree, what do you think of that shot?

TIGER WOODS: That was -- I had a good lie. The ball was sitting up, so at least I had a chance to play it. It came out absolutely perfect. That was as good as I could possibly hope from that lie and it landed on the green and tumbled up there and from there I yipped the putt over there to the right and tapped the next one in.

Q. The PGA stats don't really note you as scoring well on par 5s; any comments on how you played the par 5's today?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I was 4-under on the par 5's today, so I didn't play them too bad today. Maybe I'm just not driving straight enough on the par 5's. But today I missed three of the fairways on the par 5 and had two 4s and a 3. I suppose you could say I got a bit lucky on the par 5's today.

Q. I think any of us would love to be part of a fantasy foursome with any of you guys. Could you tell us the three people you folks would like to play with in a fancy foursome, any three people in the world?

JULIUS MASON: Inside of golf or out of golf?

Q. In golf.

DAVID TOMS: You mean pick somebody that I would have a chance to beat or just pick somebody -- I played golf with Leslie Nielson one time and I thought he was the funniest human being. You could not hear a lick, to that was fun. Depends, if you want a competitive game or if you want to play golf with your idols or if you want to -- I play golf all the time at home with doctors, friends of mine; and that's the only reason I play with I'm home is because I enjoy playing with them. So, that's a tough question for me. I mean if it's somebody that I look up to, that's older than me, that's a legend, I've love to play with Jack Nicklaus. I've been on TOUR ten years and never played golf with the man. I've love to play with him. Byron Nelson is somebody else that's always taken me under his wing and given me direction and encouragement; so I would love to play with him also. And Sam Snead, just because he's taken time for me at the Masters before and just come over and said, "I like your action." Just kind of pumped me up. So I would like to play golf with all three of those guys if it were ever possible.


DAVID DUVAL: You could list a lot of people really, not just three. Fortunately, with what we do, a lot of the people we might look up to might want to play golf with us and we end up doing that at the AT&T'S and the Bob Hopes, Disney events, Las Vegas. The Pro-Am events that we have so a lot of those foursomes you're looking for have been filled out in the past, so I don't know if I could list three people in particular.


RETIEF GOOSEN: I've never played with Jack Nicklaus. That would be nice to actually play a round with him. Gary Player, I played once with before, but I always enjoyed playing with him, and he always told me that I should have a round with Lee Trevino; that will really change your way of thinking on a golf course. I suppose that would be the three guys I would like to play with.


TIGER WOODS: For me, it would just be one. I would just like to play with my dad.

Q. Tiger and Retief have touched on it, but David Toms and David Duval, could you talk about your seasons?

DAVID TOMS: Just to sum it up, kind of a dream season. I've been a successful, I guess, TOUR player. I guess you could call me that. But until this year, I've never done anything extra special, never even been close playing in this golf tournament. Things that, you know, you watch this event on TV or some of the other big tournaments. Never played Tiger's tournament; looking forward to that. So it's just been a dream year. Just something that I had always hoped would happen to me but even though I worked hard it never happened. I just think it's a reward for all of the time and effort.

DAVID DUVAL: I'm not quite sure how I would sum up my year. I think it's had it's high points and it's had some low points. I had another injury I had to -- that caused me to sit out for a little while. I also reached one of my ultimate goals, to win at the Open. So a lot of good and a lot of bad, but I guess I would say that the Open certainly tilts it in being favor of a good year.

Q. Where is everybody off to after they leave Kauai?

TIGER WOODS: Palm Springs. Skins Game.

RETIEF GOOSEN: I'm going to South Africa to play Nelson Mandela Children's Fund event.

DAVID DUVAL: I'm going home.

DAVID TOMS: Going to the LSU-Arkansas football game Friday afternoon. Got my priorities straight. (Laughter.)

Q. Could you guys contrast the front nine and back nine? Everybody is shooting lights out on the front than the back.

DAVID DUVAL: Not everybody.

Q. Most of you. How would you contrast the two, any more difficult?

DAVID TOMS: I shot 5-under on the front, 1-over on the back. You know, there's some difficult pin placements out there. Starting with the 11th hole, it's very difficult. Even though the 13th hole is a little short hole, very difficult pin placement, you could spin the ball back on the water. That's why I hit too much club and hit it too far. Then you turn over there and you get to, I guess it's 15. You drive it in the fairway and then the pin is all the way on the far left edge of the green just over a slope with a left-to-right wind. I got out there 16, drove it way down there and had a 5-iron into the hole and my second look up at the pin, I didn't even see the thing, so far to the left over those bushes over there. So that makes that difficult. You get to the 17th hole and the pin is tucked right over a bunker, a 215-yard shot and then the 18th hole. I could not reach the green; and faced with a third shot, you know, the pin is stuck over there an a little shelf, so I spun it back in the water. So I just think the scoring opportunities really were not there coming in and I think you could see that by the way we played.

Q. It could be argued that Tiger has an advantage on this course having played here competitively three times or so. Do you all feel like that playing against him; that he has an advantage on this particular course?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, I think he has an advantage on any course. Doesn't matter where we play. I think he's played the course in some really windy conditions and we've now played it in very calm conditions. So I think if the wind is going to pick up, he might have some sort of idea, with what happened in the past with the wind. I think at the moment, it's pretty much even. Obviously, he has an advantage shooting into the par 5s, but I think if the wind picks up, he might have a bit of an advantage right there.

DAVID DUVAL: Exactly what I would say. We have not really seen the golf course with prevailing winds blowing 20 miles per hour, so I don't know if there's any advantage.

DAVID TOMS: The advantage over me would have be the fact that he can reach all of the par 5s and I can't do that. So I'm going to have to stick it in there close with the wedges to compete on those holes. Maybe some of the fairway bunkers that I can't carry off the tee; he's able to do that. So I think he has an advantage. But it goes back to what Retief says; that's the case every week. We've obviously had success, so we just have to play our own game. That was my No. 1 goal today, playing with these guys was to make sure that I tried to stay within myself. Any time you get out of that, get out of your own game, it doesn't add up to anything good.

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