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October 15, 2009

Justin Rose


Q. Have you entered next week late on because you don't know whether or not you are going to be in in Dubai?
JUSTIN ROSE: I was always going to play. I've only played ten vents so far on The European Tour and I have to make my 12 and so I have these two so safe in that regard. From there we are going to see what happens really.

Q. And next year if they change the rules, what would you think about that? Would you be happy about that? Would you be prepared to come over?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously being a Ryder Cup year, it's important obviously that you're a member of the European Tour and fulfill your requirements.
It certainly doesn't make my life any easier, there's no doubt about it. I'm not singing and dancing about it with you to be honest the Tour is going to do what's good for the Tour. You can't please everybody all the time. So certainly I'll do my best to play.
The good thing is I think having a bit more of an off-season this year, six or seven weeks over Christmas I'll be in Florida with less travelling. So hopefully I can start the year earlier in America and get a couple of events really going and out of the way, which means maybe it will free me up a little bit more in the summer. That's the plan.

Q. And what about the expat Brits in America, have you discussed the situation amongst yourselves? Have you talked to Poults and the others about it, or is your view a general one, they are not all singing and dancing about it?
JUSTIN ROSE: To be honest, I've got to tell it you was actually news to me this week. So I haven't really -- from my game, I'm excited about next year but in terms of putting a schedule to go, I haven't quite daunted myself with that prospect yet.

Q. Do you think from a cynic's point of view the idea that they are going to try it because it's a Ryder Cup year?
JUSTIN ROSE: Ryder Cup is obviously a very powerful draw card for The European Tour and want guys who are European or are perceived to be, from that perspective, yeah, that's probably why it's happening, no doubt about it. This year it went up to 12 but effectively it was not a big change because you were always going to play The Race to Dubai, so it really wasn't one more.
So I can see maybe what they are thinking in terms of 13. But if you're playing well and you're in the right events, it's a non-issue, but if you start falling out of the Top-50, which I am right now, to be honest, it puts me in a very precarious situation in terms of fulfilling requirements on both tours.
That's what I've always said the guys who are not in the Top-50 and try to play both just kill themselves. My goal is to get back to the Top-50 and get back to the schedule I really want to play which is the schedule that worked so well for me in '07 and I was able to play well on both tours, or to sort of compete on both tours and that's where I want to be and that's my goal.

Q. Come what may, so you will fulfill The European Tour requirements? You said 13, because that's not the question that's going to be tonight is the way we understand it, it's playing four of six core events.
JUSTIN ROSE: You guys can fill me in. I probably need to sit down with a few guys who really know what's going on. I'm a bit out of the loop. Like I said I've had some big issues this year in terms of fulfilling my card, even in the States, even that was looking dodgey after the PGA, so trying to knuckle down and not think about anything else.

Q. Ostensibly means you'll have to play five events in Europe including The Open, and they will stipulate --
JUSTIN ROSE: Like Dubai and all that counts? Mainland? Well, I think that's important for The European Tour that it maybe gets back to -- certainly becoming a very international circuit, which is still great because that's great for the players.
But essentially if you're forcing players to really support a lot of the events in mainland Europe are some of the flagship events, so I can see why that's important.

Q. They are worried about sponsors pulling out because top players are not there, including yourself.
JUSTIN ROSE: Sure, I think we are all worried about that. There's no doubt everyone needs to knuckle down I suppose. But at the end of the day, I have to take care of what's good for the family and take care of what's good for me.
Having had a kid now, too, travelling is less easy and it's not an excuse, but they love America, they love being there. We really enjoy the lifestyle over there. It really is a fine balance. You know, for me, hopefully I can really play the golf I think I can in the next few months and couple years and really Top-50 thing is a non-issue. But like I say, you fall out of that, you have to re-evaluate things.
If I'm 100 per cent honest with you, if I said right now outside of the Top-50, I'm not sure I could 100 per cent say yes, I really want to, I really do, but it comes down to playing well and securing your livelihoods in both places. I certainly want to make sure I still continue to be a PGA TOUR player.

Q. Do you consider Florida your home, your family base?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's my base. There's no doubt about it. From a physical point of view, that's where I'm spending all my time and that's where I'm enjoying being.
I'm not sure could I quite say from inside the heart yet that it's home, but I still being back in the U.K. and seeing friends, family that, sort of thing. But from a practical point of view, yes, that's where home is.

Q. If you didn't make the Top-50 and it came down to a choice between the American tour and The European Tour, it's going to be American tour at this point because you're based out there.
JUSTIN ROSE: It's tough to say. I don't want to say, but yeah, maybe if pushed. That's the situation I felt into after '03 and 04 and I had to work my socks off to get back to where I really wanted to be in '07. That's where I was at my happiest. I could play both tours, I was playing well and I was competing. That is my business model right there. That's where I want to be.
But the way tournaments seem to be going, they are harder and harder to qualify for. The World Golf Championships, HSBC, that's been a hard tournament to get into for guys 20th in the world if you don't fulfill some other criteria. World Match Play in Spain; there's some really kind of weird criterias for getting into tournaments now which seems to make scheduling more difficult.

Q. Have you been talking to Poults --
JUSTIN ROSE: Is he in that situation? You know, guys had a great year like that, top 20 in the world, you should be able to pick and choose exactly where you want to play events.
But I guess it's a juggle, there's so many tournaments to play, which is good. But I can see exactly where the European Tour are going with it and sponsors are what you need to keep happy, and I'll certainly do my best to do that as much as possible. But at the end of the day it's an individual sport and I also have to take care of what's best for my family and my game, as well.

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