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October 15, 2009

John Lackey


Q. Is there an adjustment to cold weather? What's your reaction?
JOHN LACKEY: I don't think it'll be that cold when you get out there, to be honest with you. In a big game like this I think the last thing on my mind will be the weather.

Q. You pitched in so many big games not only in the postseason but late in the regular season, preparation, is it the same? And you do so well in big games like this, can you talk about why?
JOHN LACKEY: I don't know. I've been fortunate to get the opportunity. Scioscia has had the confidence in me to throw me out there in some pretty big games. That gives me confidence for sure when your manager shows that much confidence in you. I've been fortunate to throw some pretty decent games at the right time.

Q. Do you try hard not to be sort of intimidated by the Yankee lineup? Is that possible for you?
JOHN LACKEY: I'm not going to get intimidated by anybody. That's why I'm throwing tomorrow.

Q. Sort of following up on that, facing the Yankee lineup especially the middle, you'll often hear pitchers say "You have to pick your poison." How does that sort of play out as you're going through the order maybe once or twice?
JOHN LACKEY: That's a tough thing. They're too deep. You can't really pick one guy that you want to go after. As much you can, you want to try to get the guys at the top of the lineups and the middle of the lineup, can minimize some damage if they do get their hits. But you have to stay focused for nine hitters. Every pitch counts.
It's going to be a tough challenge for sure.

Q. John, the Yankees have struggled by and large against you guys over the years that you've been in the Big Leagues. Played some good games but you guys have had their number really. Why do you think it's been a tough matchup for them? Why do you guys match up so well against the Yankees?
JOHN LACKEY: I wouldn't know. I think we'd do it more often against other people if we knew. I don't think any of that in the past really matters. Obviously we struggled against Boston and here we are. So that doesn't really matter right now. We have to continue to play well because they're a great team. It's going to be a great challenge for us.

Q. Success in past postseasons, how does that have an impact for you this year?
JOHN LACKEY: I think there could be a comfort level in knowing kind of seeing what there has to be seen. I've seen a Game 7. Not a lot is going to surprise me. It's still a great challenge. It doesn't guarantee you success in any way. But there's definitely a comfort level having seen it before.

Q. Do you feel more of an adrenaline drive when you pitch a postseason game than you do a regular season game?
JOHN LACKEY: There can be. I mean, a lot of times you get a little extra rest, especially for these openers. I got a few extra day's rest. Hopefully that will help a little bit. But it's a fine line with using that adrenaline for you and going a little bit overboard. You still have to stay in control and make pitches and locate.

Q. John, you had Mark and you were teammates last year. Then you faced Alex Rodriguez many times. Can you just talk a little about the special challenge facing those two guys poses for you?
JOHN LACKEY: It's a big challenge for sure. I would say probably the best two hitters in our league right now. It's going to be a tremendous challenge. They can do damage to all fields. They can hit the ball out the other way, pull the ball. It's going to be a definite challenge. They're tremendous players.

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