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October 12, 2009

Ryan Howard

Cliff Lee


Philadelphia – 5
Colorado - 4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Cliff Lee and Ryan Howard.

Q. Ryan, you guys lead the game, then they come back and get a 4-2 lead. How were you able to keep your composure? Seems like you're a pretty loose bunch. I guess you don't get shaken up with adversity.
RYAN HOWARD: We're definitely a loose bunch. At the end of the day they had the momentum on their side. But this is the kind of team that doesn't quit until the game is over, until there's 27 outs.
We knew going into the ninth inning we had the right guys coming up at the top of the order and we had gotten to Huston Street the night before. We knew we had a shot to make some things happen.

Q. Ryan, could you just take us through that at-bat and what did you see in that pitch that you hit?
RYAN HOWARD: Basically, just went up there, tried to be as relaxed as I possibly could, and just told myself try to get a good pitch to hit. I hoped that he would make a mistake and leave something up over the middle and just try and drive it and get a double. And knowing Chase and Shane, both of those guys were going to be able to score.

Q. What does it mean to this team to be able to move on after the series that you had with Colorado, which was back and forth all the way?
CLIFF LEE: The way this game went down today was pretty dramatic.
A one-run game all the way there to the eighth, then a two-run lead, and we were able to get it back. It was a hard-fought game all the way to tend. This is just one step along the way to the goal we're trying to achieve.
So we've got to continue to play the way we have. And everybody carried their weight. If we continue to do those sort of things, we are going to end up in a good spot.
So it's exciting for now, but we've got a lot of work ahead of us to do. And hopefully we can keep continuing to do what we've been doing and win ball games.

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