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October 11, 2009

Andy Pettitte


Yankees- 4
Twins - 1

Q. Andy, when you walked off the field today, complete silence. Next to a standing ovation in the Bronx, how big is that moment for you?
ANDY PETTITTE: Obviously, it's a good moment, because their crowd is not going crazy, but it's a good feeling. I am just -- I feel very fortunate and very blessed to have been able to be in this situation, be able to -- just after last year for me, it's bittersweet, the way I finished the year, my shoulder, and stuff like that, and just excited, excited for the guys in the clubhouse that hadn't been in this situation before, excited that I could help us, and hopefully, I continue to help us in this postseason, and just very thankful. We got a good club. We got a good club, good group of guys, and it's fun to see them do what they are doing.

Q. Andy, is it any more gratifying to do what you are doing when you are playing with Jeter, Posada, Rivera, guys you broke in with a long time ago, and you are still doing it, and those guys are still with you? What does it add to the experience for you?
ANDY PETTITTE: There is no doubt it makes it special, it makes it a little more sweeter, but I will tell you what, it's just sweet -- as sweet for me to see CC, A.J., Joba, us guys, the guys in our rotation, that you are just with every day, you know, and sitting on the bench with them and talking about this, and just to be able to accomplish this and get it done.
You know, we want to win a World Series, and, obviously, we took a step here to move on. We are going to have a nasty series, it's going to be a war with us and the Angels, but we are looking forward to it. We are going to celebrate this one and enjoy it, and I am just really happy for our club. We got a lot of young guys that hadn't had an opportunity to see this and to do this, and they have had a lot of growing experience this season, and you can see the confidence building in them as we continue to move on.

Q. Andy, were you surprised you had 81 pitches?
ANDY PETTITTE: I didn't know how much pitches I had. I definitely was surprised because I felt strong. I didn't want to come out, that's for sure, I felt really good, but Joe is the manager, he gets paid the big bucks to make those decisions, and I am just happy that we were able to hold on to it, but he knows I wasn't happy, and I just want to win the game, and I felt like I had been in that situation plenty of times on the road.
When they scored that run, probably the wildest I have ever heard a ballpark that I have been in pitching, when that run scored, and just that bat against Kubel -- I am sorry, against Cuddyer after that, the place was rocking and it touched your nerves out there.
So Joba came in and did a great job. I was fired up to see him come in in that situation, and the bullpen did a great job.

Q. Andy, your reaction to A-Rod, Jorge, the homeruns, and then going back out with the lead, what does that do for you as a pitcher?
ANDY PETTITTE: It's huge, it seems like the whole postseason so far, we are kind of sputtering along a little bit and maybe when we give up the lead, our guys fire right back and score some runs. Seems like that's how it's been the first two games, you know.
So it's huge to give up the lead and to feel like heck, man, we are getting deep in this game, we might lose this Game one to nothing, to fire right back and get two, it's a big lift for you. Again, you just try to go out there and make pitches and do what I was doing the whole game, and just try to stay relaxed.

Q. Okay. Thank you very much.

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