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October 11, 2009

Tim Clark

Zach Johnson


Q. Quite a match between you and Zach Johnson.
TIM CLARK: He made a great comeback on the back nine and lucky for me I was making birdies to tie a lot of those holes. Yeah, it was a great match, for me, I came out early, a lot of birdies. And unfortunately the Cup didn't go our way, but obviously a good match for me.

Q. You must be ambivalent, your team didn't win the Cup, but you had a very good week highlighted by some extraordinary moments, a lot of people will think back to the eagle you had on 18; what will you take away from this week?
TIM CLARK: For me it's always about being a part of the team and being with the guys the whole week and getting to know them in a way we don't out on TOUR. It's always a special week in this format. It's great to play the Americans and be up against the best players in the world. It's showed this week how strong they are.

Q. That was some pretty impressive golf out there today.
TIM CLARK: Unfortunately for Zach, I came out firing. Obviously my game had been there all week, and today I just felt very comfortable, very calm out there, and for the first time all week, the putts started to go. The first few days, a lot lipped out, but today, unfortunately for Zach, they all seemed to go in. Unfortunate for him, but he played great on the back and he showed what sort of fight he has.
I tell you, if I had not kept on the pedal, I would have been in trouble.

Q. Tim was playing pretty well out there.
ZACH JOHNSON: I think that would be the understatement of the day, as far as I'm concerned. He was 9-under through 15 holes, and really didn't have many opportunities for a bogey. So it was really impressive. I missed one fairway, and I actually made birdie on that hole. Missed one green in regulation. So I'm 5-under and I don't even get to see the last three holes.
So it was fitting the way it ended. He just out-played me early on, especially, and that's really all it took.

Q. You ran into a buzzsaw today; but great week for you and great week for the U.S. Team.
ZACH JOHNSON: That's what it is. I'm upset I didn't win, but I'm happy for my team and certainly Captain Couples and Haas and Michael Jordan and those guys did a great job, and my hat is off to all of my teammates.

Q. How did Fred do as a captain?
ZACH JOHNSON: Fantastic. I hope he does get another opportunity. He's great. He's easy going. He's likable and fun to be around. But at the heart of him he's still a player with a lot of fire and that's what you want.
Through 11 holes, I'm 1-under, he's 6-under, and I think he made three or four putts outside of 30, 40 feet. So you know, it's match play. That's what it takes. He also hit it good. He didn't do anything wrong. I mean, you know, there's times when I was hitting my approach shots into greens and I could have maybe hit a little bit closer, but we are talking 5-irons and 6-irons. It's not like I'm stuffing flags down with those. It was just really, really impressive and my hat is off to Tim. He was really good.

Q. You showed what a good sport you were with your reaction at the end.
ZACH JOHNSON: My knees gave out. It wasn't an act. I was just like, are you kidding me?
But yeah, it was fitting. He played great and deserved to win.

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