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October 10, 2009

Jim Furyk

Anthony Kim


Q. What switched?
ANTHONY KIM: I don't know, I feel like my game's been coming around. Unfortunately, I've had a tough year and I feel like Jim held me in there really good and I owe him a lot of credit because I think the match could have been over if he had not played well, so I had a great partner.

Q. How does it feel to have won a match that you never trailed in, but was never really a sure thing?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, it's nice. That's how all of the matches have been this week. I felt like in the middle of that round, early on, we could have put some distance between us and we didn't and we let them hang in there; and the last few holes a lot of birdies were made. But my man came up big birdieing 15 and 17 and he held us in there, and that was the difference.

Q. Tell me how big was that up-and-down your partner made to tie that hole?
JIM FURYK: Huge. Those guys put a lot of pressure on us down the stretch. Anthony birdied 15 and 17 and more importantly we had to hit putts on top with all of the pressure riding on him.
So I'm proud of him. He hung in there today, a lot of putts burning the edge, but when he needed to, he made them.

Q. How about the 3-wood your partner hit in here on 18, you stopped what you were doing and said, "Hey, give me some of that."
ANTHONY KIM: Absolutely. It made my shot so much easier, when he hits it in there ten feet and Angel has hit such a big drive on 18, it makes my shot a little bit harder. But Jim hit a wonderful shot in there and took a lot of the pressure off me and played great all day.

Q. Did you talk at all yesterday after the round and say, hey, maybe we need a little different game plan, or just that you'll be ready tomorrow?
ANTHONY KIM: Jim and I agreed to play today, and he played great yesterday. Unfortunately he didn't have a partner, but today I tried to step up my game a little bit, and Jim just kept doing what he normally does. So I feel lucky to have him as a partner and hopefully we'll get them tomorrow.

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