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October 10, 2009

Ryo Ishikawa

Yong-Eun Yang


Q. Why are you and Y.E. such a good team together?
RYO ISHIKAWA: From yesterday, Y.E.'s leadership has been great. He's like an older brother and he's been really great.

Q. This afternoon you will go out against Tiger Woods. What are you thinking going into that match?
Y.E. YANG: That's difficult but I have to try to be more focused.

Q. Is there a language barrier between you and Y.E., because it certainly doesn't seem like it on the golf course.
RYO ISHIKAWA: I'm not able to speak Korean and I'm not able to speak English, so Y.E. has been using a lot of Japanese and we have been able to communicate great.

Q. You get Tiger Woods again this afternoon, Steve Stricker, kind of a reprisal of your match at 18 when you won the PGA Championship.
Y.E. YANG: This morning I played very nice and this afternoon will also be very nice, too.
RYO ISHIKAWA: It's been really nice to have Y.E. around. I was more relax with his leadership. I think that's why we have been able to do well and have an impact. Y.E. has been a real big help for me.

Q. What impact is this having back in Japan?
RYO ISHIKAWA: I think all of the golfers back in Japan have watched these last few days and I think they are happy.
I have eight more tournaments that I'm going to play in Japan, so I'm excited about that and really looking forward to it.

Q. As far as your year, how would you sum up your year? Would you say it's been a year where you exceeded your expectations?
RYO ISHIKAWA: I think definitely I never dreamed I would be, first of all, in this position, right now, to be in this Presidents Cup. Definitely overcame all of the expectations that I had.
So it's been a wonderful year.

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