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June 11, 2000

Wendy Doolan


WENDY DOOLAN: I bogeyed No. 7. I hit 6-iron and I didn't hit my chip hard enough, and the putt was about 15 feet. I birdied No. 8, and I hit driver, 5-wood and I just had a chip about five yards off the front left of the green and got up-and-down. It was a short putt. It was about four feet. And No. 10, I had 170, I had 3-wood and I hit my wedge and I had 117 to about 10 feet and made it. And No. 11, I hit 5-wood, 7-wood, and then I hit a sand wedge 67 yards to about eight feet. No. 12, I hit 3-wood, and I had 98 yards to the pin, and I hit my wedge to about three feet. No. 13, I hit driver and I hit pitching wedge in the hole; it was 118 yards. Hit it behind the pin and it spun back into the hole. On 17, I hit driver, 5-wood into the right trap and got up-and-down out of the bunker. I made like a -- I guess it was about 15 feet.

Q. What was the difference between yesterday and today?

WENDY DOOLAN: Yeah, you know yesterday was a tough day all around. The course was playing tough because of the wind, again, and nothing really happened for me yesterday, and today I just came out with the same thoughts as I had yesterday. But I got a couple of putts going in on the back nine and it just rolled on from there.

Q. Obviously, you are playing with people who are right near the top of the leaderboard and you could see what was happening and Meg and Dale certainly were not pulling away. Did you feel like all day long if you just kept going, you were going to have a chance to be right in the middle of it?

WENDY DOOLAN: To be honest with you, I had no idea what was going on on the scoreboard. I didn't look at the scoreboard until after I holed out on 18. I had no clue. None.

Q. Do you always play like that?


Q. (Inaudible.)

WENDY DOOLAN: I think if we were in any danger, the play would have been stopped. I don't believe there was any lightning in the area, and that's really the only reason, unless the greens go under, and they didn't. So I didn't think we needed to stop.

Q. You thought it was the right decision to keep plugging through the downforce?

WENDY DOOLAN: Golf doesn't stop because of rain. Golf stops because of lightning.

Q. I think at 15 and 17, they had to squeegee the greens because there was puddles around the hole?

WENDY DOOLAN: If they have to squeegee to make it playable, that's within the rules, so that's okay.

Q. (Inaudible.)

WENDY DOOLAN: Honestly, my thought pattern was exactly the same as it's been since Thursday morning, I mean exactly the same. And just a couple putts dropped, and I guess it just went on from there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

WENDY DOOLAN: Actually, that was a really good number for me. 18, I played a 125 shot, and I knew that it would come back at least six yards, and, you know, it did. It went in. I never expected that. But after the hole before, I mean, the hole before, it spun back about 12 yards; so I knew that it would come back because of the slope.

Q. What club was that?

WENDY DOOLAN: On 13, that was my pitching wedge.

Q. (Inaudible?

WENDY DOOLAN: I'm sure somebody has got a picture. I mean, I was excited. I've only ever had one hole-in-one, and I can remember holing out from the fairway one other time.

Q. So you were not aware that when you holed that shot out, you were within a shot of the lead at that point? You really had no clue you were that close to the lead?

WENDY DOOLAN: No, I didn't.

Q. Do you think that's a disadvantage to not know, as far as game plan?

WENDY DOOLAN: For me, it's not a disadvantage. For me, my whole game plan is to go out there and hit the shots and try and make the putts. And it's not going to make a difference whether I have to -- I still have to hit the same shots and I still have to hit the same putts whether I'm five shots in front or five shots behind. As far as I'm concerned, I like to go and play, look at the leaderboard after the 18th, which is what I did today. Meg has played amazing golf this week and to shoot -- I believe she's 8-under at the moment, but she's played great golf this week, and, you know, she deserves it.

Q. When you got to the 18th and looked, were you surprised to see that you were that close?

WENDY DOOLAN: Yes. I definitely was. I knew I had to give the putt a chance on 18, and I wasn't going to leave it short, but as far as score was concerned, I had no clue.

Q. (Inaudible.)

WENDY DOOLAN: You know, I mean, I did my best on every shot yesterday, too. And yesterday my best was 77 and today it was 66, and that's the way golf goes.

Q. (Inaudible.)

WENDY DOOLAN: No. I've just been working on the same things and everything seems to be getting better for me, which is -- it's a nice reward for hard work.

Q. (Inaudible.)

WENDY DOOLAN: The course actually played pretty much the same all week. There wasn't a lot of roll. The greens were relatively soft. As far as, it played -- the actual course played the same, but the conditions were different every day. It kept everybody thinking. You couldn't step up on the tee and just pull a club because you hit it the previous three days or anything like that. You had think about where the wind was. The wind was different; it was gusting every day. There wasn't much wind today, but we got the rain.

Q. What was the adjustment you had to make today playing in a torrential downpour? How do you have to as just to that?

WENDY DOOLAN: For me, I just tried to take a little extra time to make sure I'm focused on my target.

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