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October 9, 2009

Tamika Catchings

Tammy Sutton-Brown


Phoenix – 94
Indiana - 86

Q. Tamika, can you talk about what's the feeling right now? What's the disappointment, and what's the thought of getting here to the Finals but not winning it?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: I think it's definitely a disappointment but want to give Phoenix their pop. They came out and pretty much had their will all night long. We had an opportunity to beat them at home, and we didn't take advantage of the opportunity, so I think the disappointment for me lies in that more so than tonight. I mean, this year has been amazing.
Being a part of this team and just the will that we've had as a team, the desire, the motivation, just the inspiration that we've provided for our city. We are going to go back home tomorrow and go back with our heads held high. They had a great game. They're at home. They did a great job.
Like Coach Dunn said, Cappie stepped up her game big time. Tangela hit her shots. Cappie hit a lot of big shots, and Diana got hers in as well; but this is great that we made it this far, and this is not going to be the last time you see us in The Finals.

Q. Tammy, what were the missed opportunities in this game?
TAMMY SUTTON-BROWN: You know, we had an opportunity to close it out at home; and we let that one slip away but I think we came out and fought hard tonight. Phoenix is a great team. I think it was a great series. It was great for the WNBA, and you had two of the best teams playing against each other taking it to Game 5.
So now it's disappointing, you're going to have a winner and a loser. But like Tam said we're going to come back next year and going off this feeling right now, we'll have eight months to think about it and we're going to come back stronger.

Q. Could you talk about what exactly the feeling is right now? And also what the feeling was in the fourth quarter when you came back from as many as 11 points down and were tied going into the final minutes?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: The feeling when we tied the game was obviously we can do this. And I don't feel that like through the final seconds that we didn't feel that. Right now the feeling is more of a disappointment, you know, like we just said it, disappointing to lose.
But one of the great things for me -- and I know sometimes we get so caught up in the moment of what's going on and, you know, somebody has to win and somebody has to lose and we knew that coming into the game. Of course, we wanted to be on the winning side of it.
But we came out. We fought a hard fight and five games of great games, a lot of fun. And like Tammy said, we're going to have eight months to think about this but we'll be back and we'll be ready.

Q. Tammy, you had some much lower-scoring games earlier in the series and came to life tonight. Can you talk about what was going on with that?
TAMMY SUTTON-BROWN: It just comes down to one or done. This was Game 5. There is no more opportunities. Tomorrow is a day off pretty much. The next day is a day off. You had to bring your best tonight, and that's what it boils down to.
I think we've all prepared for this opportunity. We all played for this chance and through college, high school and this is what you play for. The last game it's either "go hard or go home!"
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, ladies.

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