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October 9, 2009

Ernie Els

Mike Weir


Q. (Inaudible.)
MIKE WEIR: Hit two great shots there and he played so well all day and hit the ball great. You wouldn't expect anything different from Jim. And Ernie and I just happened to make a couple coming in.

Q. You guys flipped back and forth in your match and there was a time when five matches were leading by the U.S. Were you aware of that at any point? Talk about how momentum and just the key of the actual mathematics, your win, would be?
MIKE WEIR: We never talked about that. We watched the board a little bit and we knew all of the matches were within one or two except for a couple of them, so we knew if we could turn it around, we were 1-down most of the time. There's still a lot of golf to play.
We just tried to get one point and hopefully the other guys can turn it around here coming in.

Q. How about the second shot your partner hit on 18?
ERNIE ELS: That was sweet. That was sweet. I couldn't see who was playing. I was in the bunker on the right and I saw a ball come out there of like a rocket and I was asking Ricci if it was Mike's shot. He hit an unbelievable shot.

Q. You won both your fourball matches in 2007 and now you win again; quite a combination here.
MIKE WEIR: I'm comfortable playing with Ernie and hopefully he is playing with me. We seem to do well.
Today was no different. We were a little bit back and forth, and he putted the ball so well today and finally got one to go in. It was good to get a point on the board.
ERNIE ELS: I felt the golf course was playing quite difficult today. It's difficult to get the ball close to the holes. The greens are getting firm, and it's difficult to make a lot of birdies.
Mike played solid the whole day. I had a bit of a shaky start there. Played fairly well coming in, but I still had a cold putter. But Mike made the biggest putts of the day.

Q. How tough is it when you know you need the point?
MIKE WEIR: We knew our match was tight all the way, and Ernie played better than what he said. He played fine, and he burned the edge on a lot of putts, so it was good to see that one go in on 17 when we really needed it.
As they say, we ham-and-egged it, just back and forth and I made a couple and Ernie made a couple. And Jim played great today, and AK was a little off today, but Jimmy played great.

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