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October 9, 2009

Steve Stricker

Tiger Woods


Q. Hottest duo on the golf course, the mentality of playing on a format like today with the same player versus yesterday's format is what?
TIGER WOODS: Slower. But I think Steve and I gel well together and in this format you have to make a bunch of birdies and we did for most of the pay. Unfortunately we didn't have two balls in play most of the time -- (inaudible.)
STEVE STRICKER: Hitting first I felt a lot of times I should put it on the side of the green, to tell you the truth, and let great iron play take over. And that's what I found myself doing a lot is aiming away and trying to put it in the center, so at least he could feel comfortable taking dead aim and knowing that I was going to get at least a par.
It was difficult, from yesterday to today, it's a different format, but we've been doing well and hopefully we get back at it again tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun and hopefully we continue with it, and it was a good day. We helped each other out along the way, and Tiger played great coming down the stretch as always and it was a good day.

Q. Never really looked like you were out of any hole; what's the key to that?
TIGER WOODS: Well there's always one ball in play. You want two on each hole, two balls in the fairway and two balls on the green and always putting a lot of pressure on your opponent. We didn't do that, it seemed like on the front nine especially, it was one ball in, and that one ball was making birdies, so we did well.

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