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November 15, 2001

Wendy Doolan


MODERATOR: We'll do your score card last. If you want to talk about how you played today, how you feel with your score, 3-under.

WENDY DOOLAN: Exceptionally happy with 3-under today. The wind was gusty in spots. We picked a lot of great clubs. That was kind of the key today. I made a couple of putts. The par 5s, they went really dead into the wind. We got lucky being able to hit those. The course is great. If you hit a good putt, it will go in. It's rolling very true.

MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. (Inaudible) birdie on 18?

WENDY DOOLAN: I think that's a bit of a bonus right there. I hit a little 8-iron in there. It landed. I finished it was about 12, 15 feet beyond the hole. It was just pretty much a great downhill grain putt.

Q. (Inaudible) getting the victory this year?

WENDY DOOLAN: I've made a lot of adjustments since then. Since I won, it kind of happened. It was something I wanted for a long time, but it wasn't something I believed could happen. Now I know it can happen. I just feel more comfortable on the golf course, I think.

Q. (Inaudible) get a little bit soft?

WENDY DOOLAN: I don't think the scores are low today. I think 3-under or 4-under, you know, this is a tough golf course in the wind. You have 30 of the best LPGA players here. We're going to do our best to shoot as low as we can.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: Well, unfortunately, we can't predict what's scores are going to be because we don't know what the weather is.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: No. I just think I hit a lot of fairways, and I chose a lot of great clubs into the greens. I wasn't too far from hitting the right club. That gave me some opportunities that I was grateful for.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: I love the wind. I love the sun. I love the rain. I love my office (laughter).

Q. What do you hate?


Q. (Inaudible) how hard it is to break through? How hard was to it break through?

WENDY DOOLAN: I think the only difference between a lot of players winning and not winning is it's an inner belief. I think the reason that the Top 5 or 6 players on our Money List are so good is because they know every time they go out there, they're going to do what they know they can do. I think most of us struggle a little bit with that. We kind of talk ourselves out of things sometimes. The difference I think simply is just knowing that you can and believing that you can rather than thinking you can.

Q. (Inaudible) was the wind blowing away from the water?

WENDY DOOLAN: No. Actually it was down off the left. It was across and down a little bit. It was blowing towards the water off the tee and into the green as well.

Q. The last event of the year, the season not starting till early March, what are you going to be doing between now and then?

WENDY DOOLAN: December I'm going to go and spend some time with my family in Australia. January I'll be starting to get ready to play. February I'll be playing two tournaments -- three tournaments actually in Australia before I come back to play in Phoenix.

Q. Off in December, getting ready to play in January, play in February?


Q. Do you like this (inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: I haven't really thought about that. That's the way it is. I'll make my plans accordingly.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: Well, if I was playing in January, I probably would only take two weeks off over the off-season and then start my preparation.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: I'm just looking forward to spending some time with my parents, my brothers, my nephew, my friends in Australia.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: The beach.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: You know, it's unfortunate that we're not playing in January. But at the end of the day, we have 31 events. I'm just looking forward to competing in the events that we have. We can't predict what the economy is going to do. Unfortunately, the tournaments we had in January were affected by that. But, you know, they have done a great job in getting sponsors together for the year. We have a great schedule. I'm just looking forward to playing in those.

MODERATOR: Can we go over the score card quick.

WENDY DOOLAN: Sure. Birdie on No. 5. 7-iron to three feet.

MODERATOR: Bogeyed 6.

WENDY DOOLAN: No. 6, I hit it short of the slope, 3-putted.

MODERATOR: Do you know how far your par putt was?


MODERATOR: Birdie on 10.

WENDY DOOLAN: No. 10, I hit 8-iron, just missed the green a little bit on the left, chipped in.

MODERATOR: How far were you from the chip -- for the chip, do you know?

WENDY DOOLAN: About 25 feet.

MODERATOR: Birdie on 15.

WENDY DOOLAN: On No. 15, I hit 5-wood, 7-wood, and 2-putted from about 20 feet. No. 18, I hit driver, 8-iron, to about 12 feet.

MODERATOR: Four feet?


MODERATOR: 15 playing downwind.

WENDY DOOLAN: 15, it was a bit swirly. Kind of more across than down going into the green.

Q. Is that a driver hole?

WENDY DOOLAN: I can hit my 5-wood. It goes far enough to be able to hit my second shot to the green.

Q. How far would that be?

WENDY DOOLAN: Well, I had 210, flag, for my second shot.

Q. What stands out about this golf course? How would you describe the character of it?

WENDY DOOLAN: Unless I stepped on this course, I don't think I would believe this was in Florida. The elevation, the surroundings, is one of the most picturesque I've been on in Florida. You've got to hit some shots around here. You've got to hit it in the fairway because the rough is really not allowing you to do anything with the ball into the green. You've got to hit a good shot into the green because the pins are tough to get at with all the different slopes on the greens. It's a very well-designed golf course. Lots of different elevations. You know, we have a lot of uphill, downhill shots. It's tough to choose clubs when you get into that situation.

Q. Have you played here before this week?


Q. Were you surprised to see (inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: Yeah. As I say, I wouldn't have believed it was here if I hadn't stepped on it, no.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WENDY DOOLAN: Mira Lago is exceptional in any way. Any way you can ask me, it's exceptional. I have great accommodations. The hospitality, we're well looked after. Very comfortable surroundings to stay in for the week.

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