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October 8, 2009

Terry Francona


Angels – 5
Red Sox - 0

ROB DOELGER: Few questions for Terry Francona.

Q. First of all, how do feel?
TERRY FRANCONA: Not very well, thank you. I appreciate you asking. It's been a tough day.

Q. Was it food poisoning? Something you ate last night, do you know?
TERRY FRANCONA: Probably Del Taco. I know there's a big sign -- they don't support MLB, do they? They just support the Angels? Yeah, it was Del Taco (laughing).

Q. How would you assess your team's play tonight?
TERRY FRANCONA: Well, we gave them some extra opportunities. Lester had four walks. Three of them were to Abreu, so that line's a little skewed. Bobby's at-bat was huge. We were actually playing back in one inning, sacrifice a run, try to stay out of a big inning. Bobby won't give in.
So it's first and third. Hunter's at bat before that was so good that it makes him more dangerous, and he gets a fastball. Wanders back over and catches enough of the middle and he crushes it.
So that was huge because of the way Lackey was pitching. Three runs looked like a lot.

Q. Speaking of Lackey, was he as good as you have seen him or faced him at least?
TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah, good. Lot of life on his fastball. Looked like he was moving both ways. Threw enough breaking balls we had to respect that, and he was able to locate his fastball again with two different directions. He was good. He was real good.

Q. When you came out to talk to CB, what was your kind of main complaint or beef there?
TERRY FRANCONA: Don't bring up the word beef, please. I didn't think he got the call right.

Q. 7th inning, your reliever, Ramon, looked a little rattled. Were you a little disappointed in how he reacted to this situation?
TERRY FRANCONA: I thought he looked a little amped up. Yeah, I agree. He walked Bobby, which can happen. Gets Torrey. And then we get the groundball. We've got a chance at worst one, maybe two. He looked a little overexcited. Hopefully, next time out he'll be a little better.

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