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October 7, 2009

Vijay Singh


Q. Vijay, it was obvious from your press conference that everyone seems to have really bonded.
VIJAY SINGH: Well, we have always done that. Really we have a better time than I guess the other team, that's what everybody says. I think this year with the young kids, there's a lot more younger players on the team this year, and they are a little bit more into it. Obviously they didn't drink as much and they don't party as much. They are more into winning the tournament.
We are all fired up, but just bringing some of the new faces in there, and obviously the captain is really important. He is fired up and he doesn't want to lose. That's what his attitude has always been. So I think we have got a good mode of players and we have a great demeanor about our team, and hopefully it's going to start up -- we just need a good start, so that's very important tomorrow.

Q. Talk about your pairing with Robert.
VIJAY SINGH: It was a tough one because first we put out Ernie and myself, and we play two different golf balls. Robert made a great point earlier on that if you play with -- I play exactly the same ball as Robert does, so it kind of takes a lot -- one big equation out of the picture there. You don't have to switch balls. We don't have to say, okay, we'll tee up with your ball here and mine on the other hole.
So that makes a big difference, and I get along well with Robert.

Q. It's been a little bit of a frustrating year for you in that you haven't won. How much would a victory in The Presidents Cup go toward making this year a success?
VIJAY SINGH: Obviously it's going to be nice. I like to play well and I like to play well for the team, as well. It's not going to do with individual feelings that we are here, and if I can go out there and help the team the best I can, I think that's going to be a big factor.

Q. When you look back, the International Team has on paper been the stronger team at many of these tournaments. I mean, has there been something lacking in terms of the Americans, maybe it means more to them? What do you think it is?
VIJAY SINGH: We're out there, the team is so strong on paper -- the last few years we have played, we have had great teams. We have had better finishes in tournaments and better World Ranking points. So maybe we just take it for granted that we are going to do well, which is obviously not the point that we are here.
You know, maybe our players just travel too much. A lot of times they come from all over the world to get to this place, and when we do get accustomed to playing a tournament, it's pretty hard to do that, too. So there's really no real answer for that. I just think it's a nerve-wracking tournament. People say Presidents Cup is just another game; it's not. We don't play this kind of tournament much at all, every two years.
So we go out there, we probably get nervous, I don't know. We just have not done well. There's no question about that. And obviously having the home-court advantage most of the time we play, the first two or three years have been in the States. When we take it outside the United States and North America, we have done really well. So maybe it needs to be travelling more down under more than we think.

Q. Are you going to give Robert a kick up the back side and get him to play his best golf tomorrow?
VIJAY SINGH: He's playing well. I think we mold very well. He's very easy going. You know, I've got along with Robert for a long, long time. I know him very well. I think we are going to do well.
My attitude is just going out there and play well and play the best we can. It not life-and-death out there. If you have that kind of attitude, just do what we know, I think we'll okay.

Q. He might be easy going off the course, but he can get jumpy on the course; anything to keep him calm?
VIJAY SINGH: I think he's calmed down a little bit. I've played with Robert a few times. He does get fired up. But I haven't seen that fiery thing from him for a while. But I think he's grown a little bit and he's learned the ropes now.

Q. Presidents Cup, talk about team competition and how much you enjoy it.
VIJAY SINGH: You know, it's nice to get together with the guys and it's not an individual thing anymore. During tournaments, during normal tournaments, you go out there and it's all about yourself. This one is all about the team, how you get along with the team. Sometimes we don't talk to the players that we are teammates with.
This tournament brings us together. Actually it puts us all in a really different attitude. I think it's great for not only for the team, but for one's self, as well.

Q. How are you feeling coming into this week?
VIJAY SINGH: I had some good time off, practiced not as much as I normally do, but practiced the right stuff. And I had some nice work done both on and off the golf course.
So I think I am in a good frame of mind and ready to go this week.

Q. I know you're a guy that guys seek out, guys want to play and have games with you before tournaments and stuff. The Presidents Cup gives you more of a chance to do that, doesn't it?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I'm very easy going, I can play with anybody. I don't have any hang ups about any guy out there. So in that respect, I think it's easy to play with me.
But then again, you've got to play well. You've got to go out there and play well, play well for the team, and that's what my goal is this week is to go out there and get the best combination possible and see if I can help the team.

Q. Does it make it more easy going, the fact that you play each other every week anyway? It's not like when you compare it to The Ryder Cup, a lot of those guys play in Europe and come over for The Ryder Cup. You guys are here almost all the time.
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, it's good and bad. I mean, it's good that we do play together all the time. It's also bad that we are too familiar with each other.
But this year has been different. This year we have a lot of foreigners as well. We have four guys from not your normal four guys. Cabrera always is a fun guy to be with, but you never hang out with Cabrera, Camilo, as well. And Ryo is a young kid. Gosh, I've got my son older than him, you know. And Yang, he's a newcomer to the TOUR and he's had great success.
You know, those four guys, they kind of bring a different kind of attitude to the team, as well. I think that we'll do well. I think that we are very excited about this thing and it's going to be a great week.

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