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October 7, 2009

Aaron Cook


Q. You missed a month toward the end of the season and returned at a very critical time. Based on the results it looks like you didn't skip a beat at all. Was there any apprehension or curiosity on your part how sharp you would be coming back initially?
AARON COOK: Initially, yeah, there was a little bit, because missing a month to six weeks, you just never know how you're going to rebound. I trusted the trainers a lot, went out there, did my rehab, and got back to the point where we were able to mix in the first start and throw 75 pitches, and second start I think I got up to 85 or 88. It was nice to get out there.
I think the first game I had a little bit of rust, walked a few guys. But after I got past that, I knew my arm was healthy and it was just a matter of trusting that it was healthy and going out there and making my pitches.

Q. As a pitcher, what is it like coming into a park like this or say Cincinnati, where you get on the mound and you look back and the power alley seem to be right at your back? Does it make you concentrate a little bit on getting that sinker down?
AARON COOK: For me, I'm a ground ball pitcher, so if I'm getting fly balls, I'm not really doing my job. I've been fortunate to come up to Colorado where you have to learn to pitch, to contact, and keep the ball on the ground as much as possible.
When I come into a place like this, I really don't worry as much about the ballpark or the power alleys or how short the fence is, I really worry about getting my sinker down in the zone and getting the ball in play because I rely on my defense behind me and they've made great play after great play all year.

Q. 2007 must have been torture for you, unable to pitch until the World Series. How excited are you this time around to be with the team right from the start of the playoffs?
AARON COOK: Yeah, '07 was kind of tough at the beginning because I really wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I hurt my oblique and I couldn't be a part of the first couple series. But being a part of '07 and coming back this year and actually being able to be participating from the first round on, it's pretty exciting for me, and I think it's going to be maybe a little less nervous because I did pitch in the World Series in '07.
Definitely as a baseball player, this is what you live for. You live to play in the postseason with your teammates and you want to participate in any way you can. Definitely looking forward to going out there tomorrow, and I'm just going to try to treat it like any other start.

Q. The fact that you did pitch in the World Series, do you think will help you now? Did that dawn on you then or not until just now?
AARON COOK: Once we made the playoffs for this year, I've already been in this situation, I've pitched in the World Series, it's nothing new. It's just a matter of going out there and trying to execute pitches. There's no substitute for experiences, life experiences or baseball experiences. Once you've been through something, it makes it a little bit easier to go through it the next time and you're able to calm your nerves. He's going to go out there today, he's already been in this situation. It's nothing new to us, it's nothing new to the Phillies, so expect a good baseball game from everybody.

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