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October 7, 2009

Charlie Manuel


Q. If you could talk about the reasoning on that move on the roster, Cairo in, Bruntlett out, please.
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think Bruntlett, the fact that he was on the team all year long and the work he put in, like in how the part he played on our team, that was tough. That was a tough decision.
But at the end, it felt like Cairo went to the Minor Leagues, he had playing time, and he was sharper, he's swinging the bat better, and I felt like he was in a position probably to help us more because it -- Bruntlett had played, and it wasn't like that Cairo might not be as good or better or whatever. I felt like right now Cairo could do more.
Both of them were very close, but at the same time, I felt like as far as hitting and things that we wanted done, I felt like Cairo could help us more right now.

Q. What exactly is Pedro Martinez' role right now? He is available to pitch out of the bullpen?
CHARLIE MANUEL: He's available to pitch, and definitely he's in the mix to be one of our starters in this series.
When Rich Dubee and I sat down, from some of the things we wanted to do with our pitching staff, we wanted to name our first two starters and then we wanted the chance to sit around and talk about what we was going to do and where we was going to go from there.

Q. So having Blanton will physically be in the bullpen when the game starts?
CHARLIE MANUEL: They're going to be in the bullpen for the rest of the year. But at the same time, guys, we will monitor both of those guys, but at the same time we've got them down there to pitch.

Q. Will Pedro be there with them?
A. No, he definitely won't be down there today probably.

Q. With regard to Bastardo, did you see anything in the little that you had to see in him over the weekend or did you simply want a fifth lefty on the staff to face all these Rockies hitters?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Basically he's there in case we need a left-hander early to pitch one or two hitters to try to turn their lineup around, especially if we have some problems and if we want to match up say like in the middle of the game, anywhere from like the fourth to the sixth inning or something like that.

Q. Sticking on the roster, just curious, what's Kendrick's role? I guess he'd be a long man. And how tough was that decision, Condrey, Walker, both pushed pretty hard for you.
CHARLIE MANUEL: Condrey has been hurt most of the season, and we look at Condrey as someone who can throw from any one to one to two or three hitters, and Walker we looked at as a one-inning guy, and also we get down to that and Kendrick fills both roles. He can throw one inning or he can throw multiple innings. But also we like the way Kendrick has performed lately.

Q. Is there any concern, Bastardo has only pitched once in the Major Leagues out of the bullpen. Is that something that -- I guess he's done it in the Minor Leagues, but are you confident that he can step in there?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I put Escalona on field drill over there. That was a big game for us, we were trying to clinch, and sometimes -- there's times in the game like you've got to do what you've got to do, and you kind of feel like if you get backed up into a situation, things that you have to do. Early, I don't mind -- depends on like situations in the game.
Like I said the other day, it is hard to send a young kid out there to pitch to an established star player in the Major Leagues. But at the same time there's a point in the game where if we feel like we need a lefty to put on a left-handed hitter, then no, he throws 95 miles an hour and he's got a good breaking ball. He's still hard to hit.

Q. What, if any, restrictions are still on Eyre, is he good to go?
CHARLIE MANUEL: We've got to watch Scott. We got him ticketed -- now that we've got a little bit more depth in our bullpen, I feel like we will be putting Scott Eyre on some left-handed hitters. How many, I don't know, but we will put him on a left-handed hitter anywhere from sixth inning all the way through the ninth inning.

Q. Can he pitch back-to-back days?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think that's something we'll have to go by. If he doesn't throw a lot of pitches, I think that's going to determine if he can come back and rebound the following day is how many pitches he throws in the game.

Q. Just curious if you've gotten to go outside or walk around at all. The wind is really howling out there. I haven't seen it blowing this hard before a game all year. What effect do you think it'll have? I guess you can't really make any adjustments, but just curious?
CHARLIE MANUEL: You won't believe this, but I got up this morning and got outside of my house and a limb blew down about 30 feet from my house, and it was a good sized limb, too. I thought, the wind is going to be blowing today. I saw on the news last night it's supposed to blow. Yeah, it got my attention right when I walked out of my house this morning. I've been down in the dugout. I walked around the field. When the wind blows as hard as it was this morning, it definitely can affect the ball, of course.

Q. Does it affect it more going out or from a fielder's point of view trying to field?
CHARLIE MANUEL: If the wind is blowing out, of course it's definitely going to help the hitters, and if -- a lot of times if a wind is howling straight in or blowing left to right or right to left or something like that, that's when you get a lot of play as far as the ball blowing different directions. But if it's blowing straight out, usually when you hit the ball, it usually gets up in the wind and it takes off, or it helps it.

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