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October 6, 2009

Adam Scott


Q. How did you putt last week?
ADAM SCOTT: I putted really good the first couple of days but the course dried up for me a little week. That was very disappointing but the game was solid.

Q. Has that been one that you've had a problem with this year is your putting?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, a lot of things have not been working but I worked a little bit on my putting yesterday and it was really just the tempo of my stroke was just a little off, a little quick off the ball and I slowed that down and I felt very good yesterday and very good on the course today. So I'm pretty pleased with that.

Q. Kind of a different kind of scrutiny this week. Can you talk about that and whether you are okay with it? It was something of a surprise that you were picked.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, sure, it was very up in the air which way to go, and I've said all this before, it's quite flattering to be picked. But I've been working my ass off for three weeks trying to get my game as good as I possibly can. And it was solid last week. You know, gee, I wish it was 100 percent this week, but it was really something good to come into here with some solid stuff and not erratic golf like I have been playing.
You know, that's going to be good for me to build on this week, and, you know, it's one of those things where this week, you can just propel your game up a level, and whether that's just doing it on your own or whether your partner helps take you up there and ride on his coattails a little bit, and really lift your game. So I'm looking forward to getting up there.

Q. Did it kind of light a fire under you? I think that was his intent was to give you a kick in the pants, he said as much, I don't know if that's what you needed.
ADAM SCOTT: I didn't need a kick in the pants to work hard. I've never worked harder in my life than this year. But certainly it gave me a big confidence boost just to get on the team.
I kept working hard and I've seen some results. Those two really solid days last week I was very happy with.

Q. Do you feel an added sense of responsibility? Captain's picks always have to validate it, don't they?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I guess they do, sure. But I've played on three of these things, so it's not like it's a one-off captain's pick. I think the experience in the past will definitely help me. I feel pretty happy with the state of my game.

Q. Alternate-shot seems to be where the International Team always falls apart against the U.S. Team. What's the reason for it?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's really hard to pinpoint why we just haven't performed, but I just don't think enough attention has been paid in the past with the pairings and enough emphasis in the practice round of playing that format and experimenting a little bit with different pairings.
You know, Greg has been very thorough in asking us questions and he's put together a lot of our thoughts to try and come up with some good pairings. That's definitely where our focus is, but we are going to have play good all week to get on top of these guys.

Q. Obviously you got picked, but will you have a schedule in mind in terms of getting ready for the Aussie events at the end of the year, did you have to fast track what you were going to do with your game?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I had to keep getting after it. It wasn't a bad thing because in New York I played quite well. I felt quite good out there in New York and felt it was something to build on from that.

Q. Turning Stone, not Barclays?
ADAM SCOTT: I meant Barclays. I played quite good in Barclays. You know, yeah, so it kept me out on the range when, you know, if I didn't get picked, I would have gone home.

Q. What exactly happened when things started to go south with your game, things just collapsed?
ADAM SCOTT: I think just some bad habits creeping up over time. Yeah, really hard for me to get out of. It's been hard to play and get out of them -- hindsight is great. I wish I had took a month off earlier in the year and just went on the range and grinded it out and came back out when I felt I was on top of it. But to do it and continue playing was tough. I couldn't really do it on the golf course, so yeah, it's been very frustrating.

Q. Are you working with Butch?
ADAM SCOTT: I haven't worked with Butch for a couple of months. I have a good friend who is a close friend of mine who knows my game quite well that I talk with and spent a little bit of time. We are not reinventing my golf game at all. It's just really fundamentals.

Q. After the issues you had at Bay Hill, some people think it might just be confidence and you just need to string something together and stop waiting for the inevitable triple-bogey that seems to be hiding in your bag.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, confidence is a big part of the game, and that's why I've looked forward to this week.

Q. So when Greg called you, you're obviously not firing on all cylinders, did any part of you think, maybe this isn't the best to say yes? Was there any pause?
ADAM SCOTT: Not after the way I played at Barclays. Like I said, I didn't score great, but I really played well -- well, I didn't play like I have --

Q. But felt some momentum building?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, hit a lot of good shots. The putts just didn't go that week. But I felt if I played like that that definitely I would be able to perform well enough to be competitive here and contribute to the team. I was confident, absolutely, that I could get my game in good enough shape.

Q. So you were grinding pretty hard those three weeks off?
ADAM SCOTT: I took a week off. I had played four straight. But I worked hard. I was back in London practicing and the weather was perfect. I went to New York and it was just horrible.

Q. How frustrating is it when you know that you do probably work as hard as anyone out here, and people think that you're sort of blasé and you've got other priorities and you don't work on your game as hard as you could and things like that; when you hear that stuff, what do you think?
ADAM SCOTT: It's a little disappointing that they get that impression. As I say, I've never worked harder than this year; I couldn't imagine in years past, I've hit so many golf balls and worked so hard. And that's been the frustrating part is to not get results from all of the hard work.
Some of it, I think it's just addressing the actual issue, just the setup and fundamentals. And once I got that straightened out it feels a lot better and the rest is just finding that bit of confidence.
I kept throwing a big number in and that turns a good round into just a mediocre round.

Q. The Shark has always been a great mentor and hero for you; how does it feel for you to play for him as captain?
ADAM SCOTT: It's any kid's dream growing up in Australia, and for me to be involved with anything is a dream come true. When I met him as a kid and played golf with him for the first time; even now, to be able to go to the Medalist, whatever it is. To play under him as captain, it's a great honor, and for all of us, for all of the Aussies on this team, we have looked up to him so much and he's brought the game of golf so far in Australia and for all that he's done for us.

Q. With him taking you under his wing and mentoring, are you getting behind him as a team?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, if he needs it, we are all here for him. As much as he's here for us as captain, we are here for him as team members. So it goes both ways, whatever he needs we will try and pull together as a team completely.

Q. Have you felt that he's been down in any way? Does he seem pretty normal to you?
ADAM SCOTT: He's in a good frame of mind. He's got his arm in a sling, but it's been really good. I think he's genuinely enjoying the experience, which is great for us to see. I think he's bringing a lot of energy to the team, as well. His approach to the game was always so aggressive, and he's bringing that out in us. He's here to win and he's trying to get us to feel the exact same way.

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