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October 5, 2009

Oliver Wilson


Q. 7-under par after 14 holes, within three of the lead, were you thinking, maybe, just maybe?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, definitely. I had a break early on the front nine and managed to take advantage of it. Played really good all the way through. I just felt things were going well, and I felt in a good place, and the wind turned and not a bad position on the course for me. Little things like that, you kind of think, well, you know, if I can just post a number, you never know. It only takes one bad shot, if you find a bunker, you can be in all sorts of trouble.
So I really wanted to try and post a number and I saw Dys was just going off. Yeah, I wanted to finish obviously as high as possible and get as close to him and put a little bit of pressure on him. Did everything I could really. Played good coming down the stretch. Got a couple really good approach shots, especially 17. The hit a really nice one in there.
So yeah, all in all, it's pretty good. I'm a little bit disappointed after missing that on the last.

Q. Simon Dyson leading coming down the final few holes, how difficult would it be to make three pars on last three holes to win if you had to?
OLIVER WILSON: It's not easy but to be honest I played with him last week and I played with him this week and he's not really missed a shot. For the first three days he really didn't hole a lot, he putted well and didn't do a lot wrong. He's playing good and he's in a good place.
Obviously if he can keep that lead going into the last few holes it gives him a bit of leeway to avoid the bunkers, play a little safe and coast on it.

Q. You say anything can happen the last few holes, you're not going to be leaving quite yet?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I'm probably going to go. I've got faith in him.

Q. Not the best time, but the preparation for the presentation --
OLIVER WILSON: I heard him shaking the can, where I went to hit it, and I thought, well, he'll have stopped by now and he literally waited until my back stroke to shake it as loud as he possibly could. It was quite a costly putt, so I'm not very happy at the moment.

Q. Missing at the last, it was obvious from your reaction, you missed from four or five feet?
OLIVER WILSON: Three feet. I had not missed one all week. I guess that's another lesson. You can hear stuff if you're not fully focused, and back off it. I thought I had done enough, but I can't believe he shook it that loud on my backswing.

Q. The rest of it?
OLIVER WILSON: Great. Rest of it, I played good today. Had a lot of chances. I hit one bad shot and got lucky with it and missed a bunker. Apart from that, you know, I did everything I should really.
So yeah, pretty pleased. I'd been fairly happy knocking that in on the last. Either way, it's one shot closer and it's hard coming down the stretch so you never know. But there are guys that are 17, I think they are going to pick shots up. It would have been nice to have been -- well, it's not going to finish second. I felt pretty confident at 18 to finish no worse than second but that's not going to finish second.

Q. A rough spell, but you've had a couple of good weeks.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I've played pretty good to be honest, for awhile. I've had a lot of solid results, sort of 20th, which is -- there's been -- I've hit it horrific in those times but the putting and the short game has been great. That's where consistency comes from, so you can back it up with one of the other areas.
So it's been good and the swing is starting to come around. I had a break after Switzerland, which I really needed to clear my head a little bit and come back and I know what I'm working on and it's all sort of going in the right direction, so I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at.
So, yeah, I think last week did help, and this week's been great. It's been a bit strange, I was a bit edgy out there, been a while since I've been in contention and I was really pleased with the shots I hit coming down the stretch. I did everything right apart from that on the last.

Q. You said taking advantage of a break, did you hit one direct --
OLIVER WILSON: It wasn't a bad shot. It was on the front nine. I forget which holes, there's three bunkers down the left and I pulled my drive and managed to avoid them, which I made birdie off that, which is great. It's one of those courses, you hit a slightly bad shot off the tee, and it find a bunker and it's bogey.
It was nice to avoid that. I found one on 9, the easiest hole on the course and I managed to get up-and-down for par. Just things like that, you need to do that if you're going to be right in there, and I did everything right today, so all in all I'll be pretty happy when I calm down a little bit, I'll reflect and I'll be reasonably happy.

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