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October 5, 2009

Soren Hansen

Kieran McManus


Q. Kieran, 59 with your partner around St. Andrews today to win this championship, you are your golfing dreams coming true, how good does that feel?
KIERAN McMANUS: It's unexplainable. Søren was lovely to play with. He took care of me. Simon left me very much at ease today which was great.

Q. How much pressure were you feeling?
KIERAN McMANUS: You can feel pressure if you can do something about it, and I could do nothing and it was all in Søren's hands. He brought it off.

Q. He says he's not a good golfer; could you clarify that?
SØREN HANSEN: He's a 15 handicap we are playing off this week and the thing about it, a lot of people say, too many strokes, but he hit quality shots, and he holed putts today, as well.
He's just been playing really, really solid and well all week, and it's one of those weeks where you have it sometimes but you just get a week where you get it going, and as a professional golfer, it's one of those things you're wishing for. I've just been along for the ride really.
Today we sort of -- was the day where we supported each other best. I made a few birdies here and there when Kieran wasn't in play and vice versa. Today was really, really good. But the three days, Kieran has done a good job.

Q. Your father has won this twice, will you be back next year to defend?
KIERAN McMANUS: If he allows me to come. I'll definitely be here in I'm allowed. I'll definitely be back.

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