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October 5, 2009

Simon Dyson


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Simon, many thanks for joining us, always a pleasure on a Monday afternoon than this is now, but 66 around the Old Course at St. Andrews, must feel pretty good.
SIMON DYSON: Very good, very good. You know, we got on the 18th green and he says, I was lining my putt up and he looked at me and just went, "Take your time."
And I said, "Why?"
And he says, "It doesn't get any better than this." And he's absolutely bang on.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: As well, Race to Dubai and Ryder Cup points, it's all good for you, isn't it.
SIMON DYSON: Yes, beginning of the week top three was my aim but hopefully Top-10, but up to 45 in the world and it would be nice to hang around there, because obviously I've never played Augusta, so that's the one I want to play. And yeah, it gets me in some good events next year, so I'm looking forward to that.

Q. You spoke the other day about the jealousy you felt when Nick Dougherty won, how much did that drive you today?
SIMON DYSON: To be honest, I had not thought about it once. I just knew there was a tournament to be won. Obviously the start I golf off to, I knew it was mine for the taking and it was really only me that could lose it. So just went out and played really.

Q. A lot of talk this week about Rory being a sure thing for the Ryder Cup and you being a possible rookie for The Ryder Cup. Does that fire you up in any way?
SIMON DYSON: No, not at all. Not at all. At the end of the day, it's just a tournament, isn't it. I try not to think about too much to do with Ryder Cup and stuff like that, so obviously now it's definitely in my mind now.
But yeah, I mean, I'll go to Portugal. I won't really be thinking about trying to win it again -- obviously I will be trying to win it, but I won't be thinking about The Ryder Cup. If it happens, it happens.

Q. You talked the other day about your girlfriend and settled home line, etc. Any special plans to celebrate with your girlfriend?
SIMON DYSON: We'll see how long it takes me to get home. I'm driving home tonight. We'll see how long it takes and who knows. Might go out for a few drinks later.
It's a week off, I'll be enjoying that.

Q. How much more satisfying is it when you consider the names who were on the leaderboard, the people that had to be beaten today?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, the last couple of days, you can see all of the names, Westwood was up there, Darren Clarke, Rory, Luke Donald obviously was leading. Luke is a good friend of mine, and obviously if I had not won it, I would have wanted him or Rory to win it.
Yeah, there was some really good names up there. But, I went into it thinking, I'm playing some good golf, I've been playing some good golf the last five or six weeks and just happy with the way I've been playing.

Q. You have been playing well the last five or six weeks and it's two wins in six weeks. What are you doing well?
SIMON DYSON: Doing everything, really. Just driving the ball good. I've always driven the ball pretty good. Put some new irons in in Holland and they are working, and obviously I'm working on something a little different with my putting since Holland, as well, and that seems to be working. My putter on the front nine was as hot as it's ever been, and I've just got to keep doing what I've been doing really.

Q. How did you feel when you came here, were you still lacking in energy at all?
SIMON DYSON: I was still not 100 per cent. My energy levels are normally pretty high, like everyone knows, but yeah, those first few days, I drove up Monday, didn't do anything Tuesday, played four holes on Wednesday, just tried to conserve my energy. I played the first four at St. Andrews and that was it and hit balls for like half an hour and that was it. That was all I did.
So when I woke up on Thursday, I felt a lot better, and I was just taking vitamins and stuff, trying to get myself better. It seemed to do the trick.

Q. You're a good match player and you're now into the Match Play, Volvo; how would you feel about that?
SIMON DYSON: Fantastic. Fantastic. I my schedule that I was going to play in Singapore, but obviously if I'm in the Match Play, I'm definitely going to go down there and play there.

Q. Do you like match play?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I enjoy it. Sometimes it can be a bit of an unfair game because you can get beat off somebody who shoots 7- or 8-under, yet, somebody could win level or 1-over.
But yeah, you play your opponent and see what happens. Yeah, if that's true, then that's great.

Q. You said with regards to The Ryder Cup, if it happens, it happens. If it does happen, what do you think you could bring to the European Team?
SIMON DYSON: Don't know really. You know, like how Garcia was, five, six years ago, he was absolutely buzzing off the place and everybody was feeding off his energy, and hopefully that's what I can bring to it. That's what I tried to bring to the Seve team the last two years, this year, and then two years ago in Ireland. Yeah, it seems to get everybody up for like I am.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: We will invite Simon's amateur partner, Mr. Kelly Slater to the stage.
Congratulations, some thoughts on a great week of golf.
SIMON DYSON: Best week of my life. I've been playing golf for about 15 years, and that was great. First day, we started off at Carnoustie, a bit cold in the morning, popped one into a bunker and somehow I scrambled a six or something out of the deal. Simon was probably scratching his head, going, who did they put me with, and we got it together.
It was just a really fun week. Simon was totally positive and happy and in a really good frame of mind all week. The only time I saw him start to kind of lose that composure a little bit was on the back nine here, because maybe it was just coming down the stretch, having a few-stroke lead, you were about three or four up at the time and I think Rory or somebody hit one into the par 5 and almost got up on the green, and you could see him fuming a little bit there. I was just going, come on, get off the ledge, just keep that positive attitude. I think that's what really kept him not too worried about anything going on in the moment.

Q. You said that you did something to your putting, not exactly that but in as many words. What it did do and how did tenable to you get your putter as hot as it has ever been?
SIMON DYSON: I'm sorry, I can't divulge that information (laughter).
No, I worked with this gadget that you can use that keeps your arms -- it clicks on both of your arms there and it stays the same distance and all of the sudden you're keeping the same arc throughout the whole put and it stops from you breaking your wrist which I used to do. All of a sudden my strike got off better, so you pace your putts better and when your pace of put is consistent, all of a sudden you can see the lines better. That's pretty much all I did.
It keeps your elbows the same distance apart for the whole putt.

Q. After winning at the home of golf, how much does it wet your appetite for The Open next year?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I can't wait. I've always enjoyed coming to play here. I have played in two Opens here, nothing major, top 35, but obviously a pair of 6-unders the last two times I played it, playing like that in a major, you'll be up there again. We'll see but look forward to it, though.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Simon, many congratulations, Alfred Dunhill Link Championship winner.

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