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October 4, 2009

Paul McGinley


Q. Your third sub-70 score, how do you feel about that?
PAUL McGINLEY: I'm pleased. Disappointed with the back nine. Lost it a little bit. 3-putted 11, bad bogey there, and 3-putted the next hole, the par 5, having been on in two and drove in the trap.
Overall, it's okay. I'm pleased. Again a lot of good golf. Didn't putt as well as I did the first two days but puts me with an outside chance tomorrow.

Q. Three different courses here. Do they all ask different questions?
PAUL McGINLEY: Very much. So try and avoid the bunkers is obviously the perils of links golf, and particularly off the tee because most of them are bogeys. So, yeah, this one is a really good golf course. For a new, modern design, it's a wonderful golf course, a real good test.

Q. Vivendi Trophy, you kept on the winning side there, was that inspiring you? I know you wanted to get your clubs out last week; you were desperate to play.
PAUL McGINLEY: I did a lot of practise last week, even though I was captain I spent an hour or two before the first guys got to the change and they got to the range I left. I didn't want to be seen practicing with them and went back and did my job.
I got a bit of practise in last week but my form the last month has been pretty good. I played very well in Switzerland and I played pretty well in Germany. They are my two biggest events. I had a little bit of form coming in.

Q. How will you approach tomorrow?
PAUL McGINLEY: It's going to be difficult. To be honest, I want a really good solid performance tomorrow. If I putt well and do what I've done the last few days I'll be pleased with that. I'm looking forward to it. Playing St. Andrews the last round of the Dunhill, been a while since I've been in contention.

Q. You say this is three good tournaments in a row. Is it getting to the stage now where your confidence is really growing and you can relax a bit more?
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It's hard to relax when you're game is all over the place. I told you a month ago, I did great work with Bob. We did a lot of good work the four days I spent with him when missed the cut at the Scottish PGA. I've played well since then and we have worked hard and I'm going to go see him now again. I feel I can compete again. I'm not playing with one hand tied behind my back and it makes a big difference, that's for sure.

Q. In the sort of three years where you have been off, did you sometimes feel it might never come back?
PAUL McGINLEY: Not really. Last year to be honest, it was a pretty good year. I was 19th on the Money List coming into September having not played any of the majors or World events. Last year was a good season had I finished it well but I finished it poorly, and this season I started poorly but the last month I have found a bit of form.
It'S important I finish the season strongly and try as best I can to get into the Dubai World championship. I'm a long, long way back, it's a big ask. And it's blocks to get Ryder Cup points on the board and for a good season next year.

Q. Big cheque here would help The Ryder Cup points.
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, I've missed a lot -- this year, I haven't missed a lot of cuts but when I made a cut, I finished 30th, 40th, and I haven't had a big-figure cheque this year, which is always the difference between having a good year and poor year. Two or three big cheques during the year, and all of the sudden you're way up that Money List. And I haven't done that. I think my biggest cheque has been 30,000 Euros, and it's hard to have success when you don't have a big cheque.

Q. The ninth hole was a pretty good birdie?
PAUL McGINLEY: Lovely 6-iron from 140 yards up the ground to two feet.
Disappointed with my finish. The back nine tougher, once you turn into the wind at 13, every hole is tough from then in. 11 was a poor bogey, two 3-putts in a row. And I did the same thing yesterday; I 3-putted 13 and 17.

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