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October 4, 2009

Michael Hoey


Q. Thoughts on the round?
MICHAEL HOEY: Pretty good all in all. Bit disappointed to only par the last because I had an eight footer for birdie and didn't make it but it has been a long day and I got a bit tired towards the end but I made a nice birdie on the fifth and the seventh so I was happy enough with how it went because I was struggling a bit on the front nine. Maybe I was just thinking about things too much, you know playing at the home of golf and all that stuff. But I am really looking forward to tomorrow, just try and forget about thinking about results and stuff and just go and play.

Q. Is it odd playing the course the wrong way round?
MICHAEL HOEY:It is maybe easier playing it the way I played it because it is a tough finish. But it is great to be able to play the home of golf and be in contention for a big tournament like this. I am enjoying it because I have found my putting stroke at last this week and I have been putting really well.

Q. You did so well to win in Estoril and the rest of the season has been a disappointment - is it the putting that has been the main problem?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yes a lot of it is that. When you putt badly it tends to run through your whole game and you start tinkering with your swing if you are not putting well but you can find the tempo to your long game if you are putting well and I think that is what I'm finding now. I am rolling it really well on my long putts this week and I think I've only had one three putt over three days and that was through the Valley of Sin on 18 today for par so that is not bad. I was using the long putter but I've gone back to the short putter and tried to use a more conventional technique with lower hands.

Q. Is there something special about this tournament for men from Northern Ireland with you, Rory and Darren all in the top five?
MICHAEL HOEY: I think it is wind and links golf, we are all used to that very much. I used to come over here myself and watch the Dunhill Cup and for me it is an inspirational place. To be playing here is awesome. For the Northern Irish guys who are used to playing at Portrush and what have you where the turf is tight like it is here, we just enjoy what links brings you.

Q. I heard you say in a radio interview recently that you were trying to find a happy place - have you found one?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yes I think I have and I have been a lot more relaxed here this week. The format probably helps that too but if you are holing putts I suppose you are always happy. I might start tomorrow and not get off to the best of starts but you have to remember that it is 18 holes and you just have to try and stay positive.

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