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October 4, 2009

Kenneth Ferrie


Q. Tell us how good that was, particularly the finish?
KENNETH FERRIE: It was good and I played nicely again for most of the way round. The birdie run through eight nine and ten was good but I made a couple of silly three putt bogeys at the 14th and 16th. But a 3,3 finish here is always good and gets me back to where I was. It is a nice feeling to come up the 18th here because you know you are somewhere special and I am sure if you put a non-golfer out there they would know it was a bit more than just a golf course.

Q. Are you enjoying it here?
KENNETH FERRIE: Yes it is good but it's no secret that I'd rather play Carnoustie every day but you can't have everything you want. But it is nice to be playing well again and nice to be back up where I know my game is capable of being. I had a couple of good week earlier in the year and it is nice to be back feeling like I am kind of playing well and getting some reward for what I am doing.

Q. Why is Carnoustie more to your taste than St Andrews?
KENNETH FERRIE: I think Carnoustie is a little bit fairer. It is there in front of you, it is flat in front of all the greens and you can run the ball onto them. I am not a huge fan of luck. There is obviously luck involved in golf but the least amount of luck you need on a golf course the better. But it is a personal choice and I am sure that a large percentage of the other guys would tell you this better than Carnoustie but I prefer Carnoustie better.

Q. You have had your chances here in the past?
KENNETH FERRIE: I played the last group with Colin Montgomerie in 2005 when he won and that was just one of those days when it just wasn't meant to be for me. Colin was striving to get back in the top 50 in the world at that point, he was on home territory in a tournament he hadn't won before, trying to win the Order of Merit for the eighth time, and it just seemed like everything clicked for him that day and he shot a very good score that day on a very tough day. But I will go out tomorrow and try my best and see what happens and if it is good enough, then it will be good enough. I am very happy I am shooting good scores again and playing well again. I think I am in a happier place now, my head is a bit better and when I make mistakes I can get my head around it and try to bounce back and I've done that this week. Nearly all my bogeys I've followed up with a birdie which is very good whereas earlier in the year it would have been a bogey, followed by a bogey and then another one so I feel I am in a happier place and things are going my way.

Q. Can you give us the clubbing details of the birdies at the 17th and 18th.
KENNETH FERRIE: 17 was a drive and a wedge to about 15 feet, the 18th was a drive to the front edge and two putts, holing the second one from about four feet.

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