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October 4, 2009

Lexi Thompson


ALEXIS THOMPSON: I wasn't expecting to do that bad, but whatever.

Q. Do you call it bad to do so well at the an LPGA tournament?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, with the way I did the last few days, definitely. I mean, first two days, yeah, it was pretty good.
I don't know, last two days seems like I haven't hit a ball for like, ever, so...

Q. Is it a different kind of fatigue at all, or was it just you weren't connecting?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, just didn't feel right. I mean, my driver was off. I was duck hooking it again.
I don't know. It was just weird. But, whatever.

Q. If you could have the prize money, what would you have spent it on?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I don't know. I mean, I would probably give it to my parents.

Q. If you could just spend it on you.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Oh, well, I have enough clothes, so I don't need that. Not sure exactly. I might save it. I'm a big saver.

Q. What about the shot you hit on 18. At least it's a great way to finish, and the crowd responded pretty well.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, after the bogey on 11 it was like, Okay, you can make at least two to three more birdies coming in.
Ended up making two more bogeys. And then, you know, I ended up making birdie on the last hole. That was a pretty good shot, so that's all I wanted.

Q. How much inches was the last putt?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Maybe about six.

Q. Can you sum up your week in Prattville, maybe what you learned this week?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it was just a great experience overall. All these tournaments are great experience for me. I mean, it's great competition out here, best in the world, and I was honored to be here.

Q. Pretty emotional response from your coach with both hands up and all that.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I know. He reacted like it was in the hole. I was like, That would be nice, but of course it isn't in the hole. That would have been a lot better. But that's okay.

Q. I heard your dad say he doesn't play golf anymore because you guys beat him all the time. Can you comment on that?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, he's really focused on us a lot, so it's hard for him to focus on his game. But he helps us out a lot. I mean, he has been throughout my whole life, and he's awesome.

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