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October 4, 2009

Tim Petrovic


Q. At No. 9, Harrison Frazar rams it in from about 150 yards. You ram it in from about 60 yards.
TIM PETROVIC: No. Mine trickled in nicely from -- I hit it past the pin from 60 yards, spun it back and it just trickled in.

Q. You get style points.
TIM PETROVIC: I get style points on that one.

Q. That was an adventurous hole.
TIM PETROVIC: It's better -- I mean that thing went in -- I hit that better than some of my putts I hit today.
But yeah, unfortunately looks like we're going to fall in short. And I called it; I said 66 would be the number, but just ripped it right through the break on the last hole down the grain, but kind of had a tweener coming in for the wedge, and had 110 yards. I don't have a gap wedge, so I had to really cook that thing coming in. But gave myself a chance.

Q. You gave yourself a lot of chances down the stretch, too. You had a bunch of birdie chances down the stretch.
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah. I missed a couple but got it back on 9. That was a bonus. That was probably a two-shot swing there. So taking a look back, I mean all guys can look back at some shots that they threw away, but I'm happy. I put myself in contention and gave myself opportunity.

Q. First time you've been really in contention, right there on a Sunday, in a while. That's gotta feel good.
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah. Probably since John Deere. John Deere, I was there. Stricker and I were going down the stretch. That was a lot of fun. Fell a little short there, but it's been good. I had a few Top 10s, couple top 5s this year, so hoping to make a nice little run here at the end of the year and finish strong.

Q. How much more in the end of the year for you?
TIM PETROVIC: I'm just going week to week right now. I'll be in Vegas and Scottsdale, and I'm playing it by ear from there.
But we got the Kodak Challenge hanging out there, too. I may have to go to Mississippi just to play that par-5. If I make a couple eagles on the West Coast, I might have to go to Mississippi, too.

Q. Well, it'll be a busy fall for you, but hopefully a very successful one. Thanks.
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah. Thank you.

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