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October 4, 2009

Harrison Frazar


Q. Harrison, 125 on the Money List. An important, important week, a very important day, and just like Q-School, you came through.
HARRISON FRAZAR: Well, yeah, I'm just going to say thank God for ball-in-hand today. I really played very, very well the first 10 holes. I hit a lot of good shots and a lot of good putts, and was very, very pleased with how I played.
I made a real good par save on 11. I hit a bad shot on 12 off the tee, and was able to advance it after getting ball-in-hand up about 140 yards and instead of 60. So then I hit 8-iron into the next hole instead of a 4-iron. So things like that.
But I caught a real good break on 13 -- excuse me. 14. Then hit a bunch of good shots coming down the stretch. So you know, I think overall I got a couple of good breaks, but I really played well.

Q. The hole-out at 9, that really got the adrenaline going, huh?
HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah, it did. Thankfully I had nine holes left to play, so I knew I needed to try to stay calm, but it was just about the most beautiful shot I've hit in a couple of years. It was exactly where I was looking, solid contact, and it looked good from the minute it left the club post. So yeah, it was great.

Q. How much fun is that? That's like a home run hitter hitting it on the sweet spot and you said, oh, I knew it was good.
HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah. You know, we hit a lot of shots solid, but when one comes off exactly like you envisioned it, it's a special feeling, and they're few and far between.

Q. What's next for you? You're going to be obviously well inside. Do you back off a little bit or do you keep the pedal to the metal during the rest of the Fall Series?
HARRISON FRAZAR: No. I don't think I'm going to have enough after this. This doesn't by any means put me inside good for the year, so I'm going to keep playing.

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