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October 4, 2009

Peter Lonard


Q. Peter, congratulations. Course record. 63 on the final day. You're playing with Corey, though. He gets an assist because he was with Gronberg yesterday when he shot 64. Did he tell you that?
PETER LONARD: No, he didn't tell me that, but it was my best opportunity to get a captain's pick for next year. And I've lived here for 10 years now, and I've been kissing his ass all day, and I think I have a damn good chance of getting that.

Q. You keep playing like that, I'll make you an American citizen somehow.

Q. Talk about the round. When did you know it was going to be something really, really good?
PETER LONARD: When I finished the last. It was a -- I don't know, like, honestly, the first couple days I played pretty good. And yesterday I got off to a great start, and I was like 4-under after five and I thought I'm coming around the corner. And then I dropped a couple of shots and just shot 2-under, and it was a bit of a waste of a day.
So I wasn't too sure I was going to get another good start today, but I did, and we sort of decided, if I get three, four, five, I'm just going to keep going at the flags and take what I get; and I was lucky. I holed a few putts and it was good.

Q. You've been wrestling with your game for a couple of years now. What's starting to come around? What's happening good?
PETER LONARD: I have absolutely no idea. You know, I practice like hell all week -- you know, this year, last year I worked really hard on the game and really got nothing out of it.
Last week I had the flu, didn't leave the house, didn't hit any practice balls and turned up here thinking I'm going to play in 35-degree weather all week and that's probably the worst thing I can do, so I don't know. Maybe I should hit less balls and think about it more.

Q. There you go. You could do a video on that, hanging around the house and not hitting balls.
PETER LONARD: Yeah. I'm good at that.

Q. Are you going to play the rest of them or as many as you need to play the rest on out?
PETER LONARD: Yeah. When you got $22,000 in the bank on the order of merit, you have no choice but to play, but I'll be here the next four, and it's a good start to this series, and hopefully I can get it going the next three or four and still have a job next year.

Q. Well, again, congratulations on a great day today, a great week. And go get sick again, and you got a week to take off and don't hit any balls, and we'll see you out in Vegas.
PETER LONARD: Okay. Thanks, man.

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