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October 3, 2009

Rod Pampling


MARK WILLIAMS: Rod Pampling, good playing today. Thanks for coming in. 7-under 65. Just before we get underway, what was it like to play without a rain suit?
ROD PAMPLING: Nice. Nice. Actually could swing away out there instead of trying to muscle through all the Under Armours and the rain jackets and actually had nice temperatures as well, so it definitely helped.
MARK WILLIAMS: Looks like you've been in good form all week, hitting a lot of greens. Looks like you're doing everything well. Is that the case.
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah. I've been driving, hitting a lot of good iron shots and making a lot of nice putts.
The first two days I guess I just had a few little couple bogeys and a double early, but yeah, today was nice. Didn't really get into any trouble. Actually trouble on 17 and made a good putt there to save par, but pretty much the whole day was really solid.
MARK WILLIAMS: How long was that putt on 17?
ROD PAMPLING: I guess it was at least a 10-footer.
MARK WILLIAMS: All right. Questions?

Q. (Indiscernible).
ROD PAMPLING: Well, obviously the course hasn't changed too much. Like obviously the sun helped with the hitting it a little bit further, but obviously it's very wet still, but it's a good golf course. The greens are kept -- I'm surprised at how good the greens have rolled with how soft the rest of the golf course is, so they've really kept a nice surface out there. And obviously if the sun can stay out for more than one day, you know, the greens will get a bit firmer, which will make it a lot more interesting and challenging out there.

Q. Rod, your scoring average this year is better than the last couple years that I checked, but you haven't had the results. Is there a reason for that or is it just bad luck or what?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah. I don't know. I pretty much look at my stats this year and they're better than every other year and this has been the worst year. So it's a bizarre game, I guess, but I know mentally I haven't quite been on this year. So I've really addressed the situation the last month and trying to get ready for next year.
But it's come on pretty quick, and everything feels where it usually is, like hitting it, driving it nicely, hitting a lot of good iron shots, giving myself chances, and we've been rolling it nicely this week as well. So when those things are working well, you're going to be close to the leaderboard.

Q. Rod, I'm wondering how much of an advantage it is today to have the ball in your hand when the conditions are so perfect.
ROD PAMPLING: Well, you know, you have to still have it in your hand, like the golf course is still saturated. My socks are wringing wet and my shoes now, so I'd be surprised if it changes for tomorrow. Even though we've had the sun out, it's still extremely wet.
So any time we can get our hand on the golf ball, it's great, but I didn't miss a fairway today. But it's still nice that you need to, because the rough is still -- you can get into the rough and basically you could hurt your hand. It's not thick, but it's very sticky with the water.
I'd have to say I'll be surprised if we change for tomorrow just knowing the conditions that are still very wet out there.

Q. Rod, despite the course still being very wet, when you know that you're going to have a great weather day like this, especially compared to the past two is there more pressure to make sure that you really take full advantage of it?
ROD PAMPLING: I guess your expectations are a bit higher, so it depends -- obviously you just don't want your expectations to get in the way, so you still gotta go out there and treat each hole as it comes from hole one.
And fortunately we got off to a good start, which allowed, obviously, the expectations to happen, and we just kept building on that. So I didn't have to put myself under the gun of, come on, you gotta make birdies, you gotta make birdies. We started off quickly, which allowed that.
But obviously any day, this day in particular, I guess to have a chance for tomorrow, you had to have a good number. So I would say I wasn't feeling any pressure out there. I knew I was hitting the ball well, so it was just more letting that happen and making putts, and obviously we got off to a cracking start, which helps.
MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks, Rod, for coming in. Appreciate it.
ROD PAMPLING: Thank you.

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