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October 3, 2009

Davis Love III


Q. Joining us now, and now a tie for eighth, Davis Love III shot a 66 today. He's with us. Davis, thanks for joining us, and great playing today.
DAVIS LOVE III: Thank you.

Q. Tell me about those scoring conditions. Boy, guys are taking advantage of it. We've seen a course record matched already today. Tell us what it's like out there at Atunyote.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, the greens are still really good, even though the rest of the course is soaking wet. But you know, until our last couple holes there was really not a whole lot of wind, and lift, clean and place everywhere, you hit a bad shot, you can get out of jail and tee it up. So scores are going to be pretty low today unless this wind keeps blowing hard and making it tough on the guys that are out there now.

Q. Yeah, we've been talking about the preferred lies. You're playing through the green this week so far for the first three rounds. How big a factor has that been in the scores that we've seen?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it's definitely a huge factor, especially the first two days, well, as Slugger Wright said, we can leave 6 million dollars here and go home or we can play lift, clean and place everywhere because unfortunately they've just had day after day after day of rain, and the staff here has done an incredible job just to get us around the golf course.
But I've hit it in the fairway at least 10 times and taken it into the rough to get a place that's dry to play from. It's almost unplayable, but somebody's going to win this week, and you gotta go out there and do your best. And you have to play a lot of trick shots into the greens. You know, you hit sometimes 9-iron from 125 to take the spin off of it.

Q. Yeah. We've also been talking about what an advantage, especially with course conditions, length can be for players. We saw Dustin Johnson, of course, the defending champ, win last year, and you're still one of the long hitters on the PGA TOUR. I talked about that yesterday. Still near the top of the driving distance standings. How big a factor is that length this week?
DAVIS LOVE III: Oh, it's a huge factor. Just the last hole I hit a driver and a 3-wood on the green and two-putted for birdie. And Mark Wilson laid up 100 yards short, and where the pin was as soft as it is, the back of the green, with the spin there's no way he could get the ball close to the hole.
So it's a huge advantage to be able to go for the par-5s. It's a huge advantage to hit a shorter shot in, be able to, you know, play a little 9-iron, you know, from 120 or 130, 140 yards rather than being back hitting a 6-iron in where you can't really control it. There's a reason Justin won here last year. It's a perfect golf course for guys like us.

Q. Well, now, you know, you after that third round 66, now, 9-under par. We don't know what the lead's going to be at the end of the day, but you've gotten yourself in position now heading to Sunday.
DAVIS LOVE III: I played this week like I have really all year. I hit the ball pretty well and thrown away a lot of shots. If I have one day tomorrow where I don't waste any, maybe I can catch them, but like you said, they're going low today and I have a feeling I'm going to be maybe just as far back as when I started. But I'll have a lot less people between me and the leader for sure.

Q. Davis, Larry Rinker here. How big was it for you getting that 20th win last year at Disney World?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it was a big thrill just to win. It's been a while since I had won, and here we are another year without winning again, so hopefully one of these falls I can get another one.
But I didn't really realize it until guys like Bob Murphy picked up the phone and called me and congratulated me on it, and everybody made a really big deal about it the next couple weeks after and when I started the year off in Hawaii there was still a lot of talk about it.
So when your peers are impressed with it, you know it's important, and I remember Lanny Wadkins getting to 20 and what a big deal that was for him. And there's only a handful of guys out here playing that have that lifetime exemption, so it's nice to have, and hopefully I can keep hitting it like I did today, keep playing out here for a long time.

Q. You like this Fall Series. Some of the events you used to like to play, like at Green Island and Callaway Gardens, aren't here anymore, tournaments you've won, but you love playing in Vegas. You love playing at Disney. So you like this time of year, don't you?
DAVIS LOVE III: You and I we started off when Vegas and Disney were big tournaments for us. I remember when Vegas was the first million-dollar total purse, and now it's a million dollars first place, but yeah, I enjoy going to Vegas. I've missed it a few times in my career, but it's a great place to play. I'm going to play there definitely this year and Disney, and yeah, I'm excited about finishing off this year and getting for Hawaii next year.

Q. Well, it's great to see you near the top of the leaderboard. Davis Love III, third round 66. Good luck to you on Sunday and maybe we'll talk to you again.
DAVIS LOVE III: I hope so. Thanks, guys.

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