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October 3, 2009

Mathias Gronberg


Q. Mathias, a solid 64 in the third round. You tied the competitive course record. Were you aware of that?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: No, I wasn't, but I'm very happy with the 64. Obviously it was great weather today, and I took full advantage of it.

Q. You get off to a really hot start, birdie at 1 and then the eagle at 5 and a birdie at 6.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Yeah, when you start rolling in eagle putts, everything seems a lot easier. And everything was going pretty good. I missed a two-and-a-half-footer on 14, I believe. That was the only mishap. Otherwise it was solid golf and rolled in a couple of putts.

Q. Talk about the adjustments going into a round on a day like this, a beautiful day compared to the rainy, cold conditions. Is the ball carrying farther, and are you having to make adjustments on the greens?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: No. Everything was so much easier. The first day was windy and cold and rain, and I wasn't properly dressed the first day. I was in short sleeves, and today I wasn't properly dressed, too. I have on a turtle neck when it's nice weather.
But everything was easier. The drives are going longer. The iron shots on going normal, proper distance and stuff like that.

Q. Six birdies, one eagle, no blemishes on the scorecard. Did you leave anything out there?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: I left the two-and-a-half-footer that I missed, but I messed up a couple of first putts that I rolled a little bit too far or too short.
And overall I'm very, very pleased with it, but I rolled in a couple of par saves from five, six-footers, so I'm very happy with that.

Q. You're referring to the putt at 14 just inside three feet there, and it literally disappeared. It went down in the hole. It wasn't a lip-out. It was a spit-out.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Yeah. What happened was the ball was in the hole, and I didn't really notice it when I marked it back on the green. And it jumped as soon as I hit it and unfortunately it took off left.

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