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October 2, 2009

Oliver Wilson


OLIVER WILSON: Pretty happy with that, got off to a good start, 5-under through nine, a little disappointed I didn't push on from there but I didn't play great on the back nine. I didn't have the control I had yesterday with the golf swing, so that was a shame.
But managed to get it around and didn't go in too many bunkers. All in all, reasonably happy.

Q. I take it was good playing alongside someone like Simon Dyson who is shooting the lights out a bit?
OLIVER WILSON: It was good fun. I had him comfortably on the front nine and I sort of stood still and he went off, completely off. We would have been a good team again today. I think we are about 10-under I think, or 10-under through about 15.
Yeah, it was good fun, keeping each other going, and the guys we were playing with are good fun, as well. They know what the score is with it all, and both are sportsmen, so they keep you up, as well, don't get you get too down which I was a bit guilty of in the middle of the round. All in all it's been good.

Q. When you say "good team again," you are not getting fed up with him after the Vivendi Trophy?
OLIVER WILSON: Funny last time I played Seve Trophy two years ago, I played with Peter Hanson nearly every round at Seve Trophy, against him, and was drawn out with him this week; so there must be something to it.
It's been good fun. Spent a lot of time with him last week, and we get on really well so it's been good fun to carry that on.

Q. Has it been inspirational playing together in a team sort of format? Because I know you haven't been entirely happy with the way you've been scoring recently, have you?
OLIVER WILSON: I wouldn't say inspirational. Maybe it is, but my game is coming around. I'm pretty happy where I am now.
All in all, everything is moving the right direction. I feel like I'm not too far away. It's felt a bit strange out there these last two days. It's been a while since I've been in contention, and it is different, so it's been nice to get back in there a little bit and hanging around.
But yeah, I guess maybe it is a little inspirational. You might not think it at the time, but when you look back, certainly I guess it does inspire you a little bit. So when he makes a few birdies you want to catch him and vice versa. We have been backwards and forwards, I've been halfway around and he's come back to beat me to the finish, so I'll try to have another go tomorrow.

Q. Just speculating but the fact that you're playing in a team environment, the confidence is builds having your peers around, winning so handsomely, whether that helps your game?
OLIVER WILSON: I think it does because it puts you in that sort of winning adrenaline sort of atmosphere, being in contention in the Seve Trophy, it is crucial. You're coming down the stretch and it's not 4-irons, it's just that one round. So maybe it is. When you think back and go over all that, it does help to get you back into that environment and hopefully can continue it this week.

Q. You did mention the team element of playing here, how is it playing with other sportsmen?
OLIVER WILSON: It's good. It's interesting to hear their take on things. It's amazing when you play with other athletes in a Pro-Am format, when you normally play Pro-Ams, people are very down on themselves and they very good in not much confidence.
But when you play with athletes, they don't get do you know on themselves and are pretty confident up and for it. It's different. You hear about how they have done things and get to ask questions, especially to guys like Marcus and Kelly, but Marcus is sort of more of a team environment in how they do things and train and that angle is very different to us. So it's interesting to hear about all that.

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