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October 2, 2009

Kenneth Ferrie


Q. 66 around Carnoustie is some going there today.
KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, also a flat-calm day with no wind is also a very rare thing at Carnoustie.
Yeah, I took advantage of the weather. We haven't had a gust of wind all day and it's been very surreal out there. Usually you're doubled over playing Carnoustie.
I took advantage, played nicely and hit some good shots and took advantage of the shots I hit.

Q. You got a lot of birdies out there on the card.
KENNETH FERRIE: I made one bogey, the par 5. I got out of position with the second shot and got a flyer into the bunker and missed about a 5-footer for par. So that was the only kind of downside, and probably the only bit of trouble I was in all day to be honest.
I missed a couple of fairways, hit some good recovery shots -- well, shots from just off the fairway, and I just holed out nicely and played well.

Q. You've played around here before; are you a fan of it?
KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, I think Carnoustie is just a great golf course. I think it's one of those courses where if you are brave enough to hit driver and you drive the ball well enough, you can get some huge, huge advantages.
I hit driver at No. 7 today to leave myself a hundred yards, and everybody else is hitting 2-irons short of the bunker and leaving themselves 160. So if you're brave enough and confident enough you can drive it well, which I am, that's the best part of my game; then there are some advantages that you can get out there.

Q. It's not been your best year so far; this week, obviously big prize money, good opportunity to get up there with the way you're playing as well as you are?
KENNETH FERRIE: Yeah, it's one of those things, at the end of the day, it has not been my best year but I still have my exemption for next year, so I don't have any worries about that.
I've been playing well all year, without getting the results, and I'm glad the last couple of months I've actually seen some reward for the hard work I've been doing and for the golf I've been playing. I don't think my 66 today was anything out of the ordinary.
It's a great score and any time you shoot under 70 at Carnoustie it's good. It's what I deserved. I played well and I hit lots of fairways. And I hit it inside of ten-foot, all of my birdies, I don't think I holed anything outside of six-foot.
I've been playing well and it's just nice to see some reward. Obviously it's always nice to play well, but there's no real -- I'm not putting any real pressure on myself. If I play well, I play well but as long as I keep doing the things that I've been doing, I feel like I am -- I've been in a couple good positions this year. I had half a chance in Holland and was there or thereabouts in France, as well, and played well under the pressure of the last round. Like I say, I'll look forward to the weekends.

Q. Do you like links golf? Does it suit your game?
KENNETH FERRIE: I like it at this time of the year when it's not so fiery and you can control the ball a bit more. I think the golf course is fantastic, but I'm not a huge fan when you get into The Open time of year when your ball is bouncing 60 or 70 yards down the fairway. Not really my cup of tea.
But the courses themselves are fantastic. The bunkers are bunkers, which if you go in them, you get penalised, which all golf courses are meant to be. I think when you do play these type of courses, you get punished for missing the fairways.

Q. Going into St. Andrews tomorrow top of the leaderboard in contention, must be one of the best feelings.
KENNETH FERRIE: I was lucky enough a few years ago to have the lead with a hole to play, obviously in 2005 when Colin won and we both stood on the tee tied for the lead. It was a fantastic feeling to play 18, and unfortunately I came out on the wrong side of that one. But who knows, like I say, I'm playing well, and if I can keep doing what I'm doing and keep knocking in the putts when I give myself the chances, I might be there again on Sunday.

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