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October 2, 2009

Luke Donald


2 October 2009
Q. A 65, 7-under in the middle stretch, what was the key to that?
LUKE DONALD: Good conditions. No wind out here, you're going to have some chances and I gave myself lots of chances. And I rolled the putter nicely and made some good putts.
Made a nice 3 on 5, a nice eagle there. I hit 3-wood to about 12 feet and holed the putt. Those eagles obviously help as well.

Q. 72 yesterday at Carnoustie; what was your constitute going out today?
LUKE DONALD: I felt like I was just trying too hard almost. I felt like with such good conditions yesterday, as well, at Carnoustie, which is probably the tougher of the three courses, I felt like I had a good chance to shoot a good number. And I probably just tried a bit too hard and didn't make anything happen. But today I tried to go out and have a bit more fun and just relax, and obviously 65 has got me back in it.

Q. How strategic is this golf course, even in these conditions?
LUKE DONALD: It is. I think that's the beauty about this course. I think when I first played it a number of years ago, I didn't quite get it. But the more and more I play it, the more I understand how many different strategies there are. I mean, you can play every hole differently, depending on the pin positions and the way the bunkers are.
It's just one of those great courses, which there's not one way of playing it. And we play so many golf courses where you hit a shot and you try and pitch it right by the hole. This is not like this, and that's why it's so much fun to come here.

Q. You had to use your imagination on 17, didn't you.
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, 17 was a good bogey. Obviously not a great drive. I thought the second shot might come out a bit better but the third shot was clumsy and from there, I was hoping to get 5; it looked like a 6, and I'll take that putt.

Q. What's your schedule now?
LUKE DONALD: Playing Madrid and will take some time off, maybe four or five weeks. That's the plan, use that as my off-season, and play hopefully Dubai and looking like Nedbank.

Q. When you come to the end of the year, how do you assess how it's gone?
LUKE DONALD: Consistent year. I've played decently. I wouldn't say it's been anything -- I haven't lit any fires.
It's been disappointing I haven't had too many chances to win, but you know, given some of my results, and being in the TOUR Championship and stuff like that, if I was given that this time last year when I was sitting at home not knowing what was going to happen after my wrist injury, I think I would have taken it. It was a good year to build on after the injury, and hopefully I can keep getting better.
I need to put myself back in the winner's circle. That's the most frustrating thing in the last few years, but other than that, I feel like I'm getting close.

Q. No twinges at all in the wrist?
LUKE DONALD: No. This is a good test here with this cold weather but it's been pretty good to be honest.

Q. Were you squeezing something on the 18th tee?
LUKE DONALD: That's just a hand warmer.

Q. Nothing to do with your wrist?
LUKE DONALD: No. Keep my fingers warm.

Q. Doing any physio on it anymore?
LUKE DONALD: You know, I have a physio. I work with Cam Barber. We just work a little bit on soft tissue work, and if there's any issues, I ice it at night. But really, I think the worst is behind me. It's healed pretty well, and touch wood, it's all mended.

Q. Schedule next year, is it mainly American-based or will you amend it slightly to take into account The Ryder Cup?
LUKE DONALD: Well, I still think my best chance is to get through on the World Rankings for The Ryder Cup. I don't think I'll change my schedule too much. It's just very hard to play both tours equally. I think you have to make a decision which tour you want to play, and I made my home out in the U.S. and feel pretty comfortable out there.
I will still play my five, six events in Europe and obviously try and play well in the majors and World events, so I'll have a chance on both point systems for The Ryder Cup.

Q. Where will you start off next year?
LUKE DONALD: I haven't really thought about it. Perhaps in the Middle East, maybe get a couple out of the way there, or if not, I'll be on the West Coast.

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