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October 2, 2009

David Dixon


Q. Before you went out there today, you would have taken a 67 at Carnoustie?
DAVID DIXON: Well, to be honest we thought the weather was going to be bad and it actually was really nice out there. So it gave us an opportunity to hit plenty of greens and give ourselves chances, and luckily I hit plenty of greens and I had lots and lots of chances and holed a few. I'm really pleased with that.

Q. That's the key out there, isn't it, on this course to try to hit those fairways and greens.
DAVID DIXON: Yeah, I think we had it easy today. There's no wind. Yeah, it was nice. Really cool.

Q. But it's not going to be like that tomorrow by all accounts.
DAVID DIXON: Yeah, but then we are playing St. Andrews tomorrow. It's a little bit more playable I think in the wind, because you can keep it left and there's plenty of room there to play with the wind.
So I'm glad we don't have to play this one or Kingsbarns in the wind I think.

Q. How good of a score was that do you think?
DAVID DIXON: Solid, really solid. I had a couple of bad shots and I made a couple of bogeys; one bogey I think I made a good save. I'm pleased with that. I've been playing well for the last two months, and you know, I've been working hard on my putting and it seems to be coming together now.
So yeah, I'm really pleased with that. A 67 around here is great. Just what I needed.

Q. You have been playing well the last sort of month or two months, top 20s, Top-10s.
DAVID DIXON: Yeah, it's been good. I've got a new caddie now who is brilliant and that's made a big difference. I've sat down with my manager and coach and had a rethink on what I was doing. I was doing a few things not so well and just trying to change the structure of what I'm doing at tournaments and stuff, and it seems to be paying off nicely. I'm sort of playing well through that.

Q. More preparation stuff than technical?
DAVID DIXON: Yeah, preparation, a little bit of technique, doing a little bit of fitness work as well. Just a general kind of sharpen up in all departments and I'm really enjoying it at the moment. I'm having good fun with Lawrence, my caddie, and that makes it a lot easier when you're having fun and playing nicely. It just seems to know ball and everything comes together. Yeah, it's okay.

Q. You are up there at the top of the leaderboard at the moment. It's important if obviously you can do well, with the end of the season places coming up and you've won three at the moment?
DAVID DIXON: Yeah to be honest I'm not too worried about that. I've been playing quite nicely and if I start thinking and worrying about that, I'm just going to add unnecessary pressure to myself. But I believe enough in my ability and my team, that I think we will pull through this year and regroup over Christmas and come out strong next year.
To be honest, I'm pretty much home and dry now, and luckily going to be playing in some of the bigger events at the end of the year. I have Singapore and Portugal to come. Any kind of good finish and the job is done. I'm not too worried about that to be honest.

Q. What about St. Andrews, do you like it? Do you play well there?
DAVID DIXON: Yeah, it's one of those sort of courses that you've just got to avoid the bunkers and be patient. I played there on Wednesday and had a good look at it. I'm looking forward to it actually. If was windy, of any course out of the three I would like to play in the wind, it would definitely be St. Andrews. I think it's a bit wider there, and you can sort of get away from the trouble a little bit better than these courses. We'll see what happens. They got the weather wrong today so they may get it wrong tomorrow. We'll see what happens tomorrow. We'll go out and have some fun and see what happens.

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