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October 2, 2009

Wallace Booth


WALLACE BOOTH: Played pretty solid. I birdied the third hole, the par 5. Holed in a good 25-footer on 7 to keep the momentum and made a good 5 on 9. Missed a couple of chances but then had two really nice shots on the par 5 12th, holed it for eagle which was nice.
16, hit a 4-iron right of the green but I hit 4-iron because I thought I could keep it short. That was my play, but for whatever freak reason it went in the burn, which was frustrating and a wee bit unlucky because I thought I had calculated it right. But then finished with two nice birdies. So it was a nice way to finish and it was a good day.
It's been an absolute great experience playing with Paul Lawrie the last two days and looking forward to tomorrow. He's great company and we have just been having a good laugh and just been trying to see how he manages his way around the golf course and try to pick up some things if I can, because as you know, I'm just starting out my career.

Q. Not a bad start you're making.
WALLACE BOOTH: Just hope to keep it up tomorrow and hopefully on Sunday. If I play well tomorrow, I should be in Sunday.
I love the golf course, tough test and just looking forward to the chance.

Q. You're doing yourself a lot of favors by competing with these guys and being on the leaderboard.
WALLACE BOOTH: Yeah, I played the last two weeks of the Tour school and felt like I played really well. Got off to a slow start with the putting and that, a bit rusty I felt but picked it up the last two rounds and gave me a little confidence and took a bit of the pressure off knowing I'm going to second stage and can come into this week and soak up the atmosphere and hopefully do well but at the same time enjoy it, and learn off Paul and learn off some of the other guys, as well.

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