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October 2, 2009

Adam Scott


Q. 2-under par. That followed up 4-under par in the soggy conditions on Thursday. Tell me about it.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. It was a good start to the week. You know, could have been better today. I think I played a little better than yesterday, which is good, so yeah, probably a good sign, but it seems to kind of take away the arrows on the weekend and I'll be in good shape.

Q. Looked like you were having some problems with spin out there. You were really pinning the ball in a lot of those sections where you landed the ball close to the hole.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Obviously the greens were really soft and a couple of them were just on top of bridges, and just pitching them just too short, and yeah, didn't judge those too well.
That was frustrating because it led to a bogey, on one hole anyway, but like I said, if I can take away a couple of mistakes and play solid over the weekend, I think I'll be in good shape.

Q. Any calls from Captain Norman after the first round?
ADAM SCOTT: No. Haven't heard from him.

Q. Well, you're in. So have fun over the weekend and keep playing.

Q. Adam, if you think about it, you've had a double bogey each of the first two days, yet you're just four strokes off the pace. I mean you have to be pleased with that, don't you?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I am. I played well today. You know, a couple of mistakes (inaudible). But there's obviously a lot of good stuff.

Q. We keep talking about it, but a double bogey won't hurt you so much next week because it's a very different kind of format, but it's all working out. What about on the greens?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I'm putting quite well. I've made a lot of putts. I missed a couple short ones for par on the back 9 today, so I wasn't too happy about that, but the greens are now starting to slow down a little bit, and my speed was okay on those.
But overall I'm feeling good. Not many putts left today and I think I putted fairly well today.

Q. I've gotta give you grief on one thing real quick. Yesterday was breast cancer awareness day, and we have to give you credit for wearing that today. When are you heading over next week? What are your plans for that?
ADAM SCOTT: Heading over Sunday night. Greg told us to get there Sunday, so I'll get there Sunday night and be ready to go.

Q. All right. Thank you. Best of luck the rest of the way.

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