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October 2, 2009

Laura Davies


DANA GROSS-RHODE: Another good round by veteran Laura Davies. So you're at the Navistar LPGA Classic. You've had some phenomenal drives and good putting. Everything came together for you today, and you're now tied for the lead.
LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, I mean, I played pretty similar yesterday without holing the putts, and obviously holding a 6-iron, which got me off to a flier.
I played well to be honest. I missed two greens and they were both with wedges, so it's the sort of thing you could have hit. So I could have hit 18 today. But overall very, very steady.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Great to hear. Questions for Laura.

Q. Looking into the weekend, how are you planning to keep up your momentum to stay at the top of the leaderboard? What are some specific things?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, we'll just set out a plan the way to play the course and we'll stick to it. There's a lot of 3-irons off the tee because you just don't need any length around here, you just need to be in the position.
And on the holes where we can, get the driver out. It's depending on the wind as well. Like No. 9. We didn't plan hitting driver on 9 because it was into the wind today.
So you just adjust as you need to go. But basically -- hopefully -- much of the same. You know, a lot of greens in regulation. We were keeping the ball below the hole today, which is very important. Obviously if you got on some of these hills, it's hard work.

Q. Talk to me about playing with the wind being a huge factor today and possibly through the weekend.
LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, it came in a little bit and went towards the end and came in the last couple holes again. Keeps you guessing, really, on some of them.
But it was calm for most of the day. You did have to play pay attention when it was there. I think the weather is supposed to be bad this afternoon hopefully, and it will blow 'em off the course. (Laughter.)

Q. Do you have any connections with the weather people about doing that?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, I wish I did. But, no, unfortunately not. Well, that is what I heard anyway. So we were pleased we were playing this morning when we heard the forecast.

Q. Any particular features giving you any problems on this course?
LAURA DAVIES: The rough. You need to be in the fairways. That's why we decided to go a little bit longer into the greens and try and hit fairways.
Like No. 9 where I did hit driver like I said because it was into the wind. I was in the rough, hit a great shot in and ended up with a 60-footer because you've got less spin on it and it rolls down the back of the green and then you three-putted.
So you have to -- you can't really always keep it out of the rough, but the more fairways you're in the more chance you're gonna have around here.

Q. As a veteran, how is it facing a 14 year old?
LAURA DAVIES: We're all playing the same game. Age is pretty meaningless when it comes down to it. So it's lovely to see a young girl like that playing so well. It's good for all of us if she keeps that up.
As for playing against her, you know, we're just swinging away at a white ball, and it's all the same for all of us.

Q. Does anything stick out about this course versus all the other courses on the tour?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, the greens. I think you would have to say the greens are massive, number one, and they're very undulating. They're fun, because it gives you a chance to -- if you hit the right part of the green it all comes in.
If you hit the wrong part of the green, you can leave yourself with a ridiculous putt. That, I think, is a really nice feature of it.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Laura, great round. Thank you, everyone.

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