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October 1, 2009

Adam Scott


Q. Adam, 68 was a pretty good score.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was a peculiar round. I don't know, I didn't feel like I played particularly well, although I putted very well. You know, it was just a matter of getting it around somehow. It was playing long and soaking wet, but we knew that going in, so just stayed patient, and it was a good day on the greens for me.

Q. Everybody has a weather story from today, either just trying to prepare for it or trying to deal with it. You guys in your group, you got a little bit of everything out there today, didn't you?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was good. I came here with no wet weather gear, so fortunately that all arrived in time for today. No, I think we were all pretty well prepared, just battled it out.

Q. Congratulations on the good putting. That's what I know you've been wrestling with and kind of looking for some confidence with. Do you feel good about how you rolled it today?
ADAM SCOTT: I do. I made a lot of putts. I putted really well, was solid all the way through. You know, that's nice, because I have been working really hard on every area of my game the last three weeks. So it's good to see the putting came out really good. Still some work to do with the striking, but I'm getting there with that, too.

Q. Well, you got paired with Robert. That's always good for a number of reasons; first off, you'll be together next week; secondly, as ball-striking goes, he's not a bad guy to watch.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, Charles and Robert, they're good ball-strikers. So I did watch them play today, and it was good to play with Rob, and we had a chat about next week. It wasn't all bad out there today.

Q. And now the sun is starting to come out.
ADAM SCOTT: It'll be nice for the afternoon guys.

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